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Will Dwayne Bowe be suspended before the Broncos game?

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Dwayne Bowe was arrested on Sunday night, the details of which you can read here. What are the next steps for Bowe? Will he be able to play in the Broncos game? Read on as we try to begin to answer those questions.

Jamie Squire
Will the NFL suspend Bowe before the Broncos game?

This is a strong hint that discipline likely isn't coming until Bowe's court date. Yeah, "innocent until proven guilty" but that's for a court of law, which the NFL is not. The NFL can do what they please as long as they are in accordance with the CBA. But it sure sounds like they are going to wait for the process to play itself out before issuing their discipline, if any. The KC Star has more on that at the bottom of this story here.

This is where a Chiefs fan hoping Bowe won't be suspended is able to get off on that.

Will the Chiefs suspend Bowe?

I was on this same conference call with Andy Reid on Monday when he confirmed that everyone practiced. So the Chiefs presumably knew about this before Monday's practice and he practiced anyway. A sign that they're going to let the process play itself out?

Is this a "second offense" for Bowe after his previous suspension?

The NFL can punish repeat offenders differently so this is a key question.

Four years ago, Bowe was hit with a four-game ban for violating the PED policy. He said at the time that was due to a diuretic he accidentally took from his grandmother.

Despite that suspension in 2009, this is not a second offense for Bowe as far as those policies are concerned. His arrest for possession of marijuana falls under the substance abuse policy, which is separate.

Perusing through recent NFL suspensions, a common ban for a marijuana arrest has been one game.

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