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Arrowheadlines: Kansas City Chiefs News 11/12

Good morning! Here is today's Kansas City Chiefs news from across the internet. Enjoy!

Doug Pensinger

Chiefs Are Engineered In Specific Ways To Beat The Broncos from KC Star

Let's begin here, so nobody is confused: the Broncos are one of the best teams in the NFL with what might be the best offense in league history. If the Chiefs win in Denver, it would be the biggest accomplishment of any team so far this season.

So we're all clear on that?

Good, because this is also true:

The Chiefs can do it, and not just in one of those puncher's-chance, hey-this-is-the-NFL way that anything can and often does happen.

Andy Reid: "Every Game Is A Challenge" from The Mothership

Q: What's your message to your team today to keep them focused, because there is so much hype behind this game?

REID: "I don't think focus is where your emphasis goes on this game. They're going to be focused. They're playing a good football team and that's just how it works. The important part is that you go back to the things that you've done every week from a preparation standpoint. You respect the heck out of Denver and then you study them and get yourself right as a team. You make sure that you know the scheme, make sure that you stay up on what you need to be physically at the highest level. That's how you go about doing your business. You don't want to get caught up in all of the distractions that go on with being a Sunday night game or however you look at it. We're playing the Denver Broncos and you want to make sure you get yourself prepared to play a good football team."

Checking In With The Chiefs Special Teams from The Mothership

The team's Pro Bowl punter is happy with the unbeaten start, but more importantly is focused on the here-and-now.

"Honestly, from the very get-go, we were told one thing, 'One game at a time, one practice at a time'," Colquitt said. "We have a chance to look around and think, 'Wow, we are 9 and 0', which is a special thing and doesn't happen a whole lot. It hasn't happened here, since 2003, before I was here. We're happy about it, but we know we have seven really tough games left. We have a lot of division foes coming up, which we are excited about; that's what you play for, the division guys, the rivals. The Broncos, Raiders and Chargers, those division games are where the history is for our fanbase and our organization; that's going to be the fun part of the season."

Chiefs' Andy Reid Among NFL Coaches With No-Hazing Policy from KC Star

"I've seen first-hand how this can divide and destroy a locker room, a team, and quite frankly an entire organization," said Gannon, now an analyst for CBS. "Early in my career in Minnesota, the older players ... there was a culture that existed where they were worried about their jobs. They didn't reach out and help younger players.

"I also went to places like Kansas City where Marty Schottenheimer created a culture and environment where none of this existed. Older players reached out to younger players and welcomed them to the organization and were very supportive."

And then there was Oakland, where older players bullied younger players, which Gannon said, "made me sick."

Chiefs Thankful To U.S. Veterans from The Mothership

"I had a chance to go over to Afghanistan and tour around there," coach Reid said. "It was an unbelievable experience. I wish every 16-year-old could go over there and kind of see what the servicemen and women are doing for our country. The sacrifice that is being made, the organization and the joining of hands that it takes to keep our country free, there's a dedication and there's a loyalty that helps make it happen. The American flag is everywhere; everybody's proud of that, but there's great dedication and it's awesome; it's awesome to see."

Let's Start Overanalyzing The Chiefs-Broncos Game Already from KC Star

But one thing the Chargers did that I expect the Chiefs to try to emulate is a ball hogging offense that had possession for more than 38 minutes. Some of this is that Denver can score so freaking fast, but it's always a good idea to keep Manning off the field, limit his shots, and wear out Denver's defense if possible. Video: How We Got Here: Week 4

ProFootballTalk Video: Chiefs Pass Rush Should Cause Trouble For Broncos

Kansas City Primed For Statement vs. Denver Broncos from

Truth be told, this weekend's clash at Mile High absolutely is a must-win game for the Broncos. While I'm a believer in the Chiefs, the outside perception is that they have a Cinderella feel to them -- everyone's waiting for the magic to wear off. They will head to Denver with a focused attitude, but they aren't expected to win. And despite the venue -- despite Denver owning an amazing and pronounced home-field advantage, especially in prime time -- I'm not convinced the Broncos will be able to hold off the Chiefs.

NFC Is About To Get Real from MMQB

So when Bowe went to the sidelines after that series and Reid saw him, the coach said, "Hey 82, what do you see?" Bowe told him on this play, Z Out Zebra Post, he thought if Reid called it again, McCluster should do what Bowe had done on the first play, run a deep seam route, and Bowe, instead of streaking downfield, should run a short out, to take two cover men with him. That way, McCluster would be singled and, with his quickness, get a step on his man.

So here came that chance, late in the half. Coaches told Bowe and McCluster to switch their routes, and Z Out Zebra Post was Reid's call. At the line of scrimmage, Bowe got the double-clap again and he knew he'd get doubled, and at the snap of the ball, Bowe ran an out-route with safety T.J. Ward and corner Buster Skrine bracketing him. Streaking straight downfield, McCluster got two steps on corner Joe Haden. Smith threw. McCluster stretched for the ball at the goal line. Bingo. Easy touchdown.

Thanks To Dorsey, The Chiefs' front Office is Putting Together The Craziest, Tastiest Microbrew KC Has Ever Seenfrom FS Kansas City

Dorsey is 53, still unbeaten in his first lap as an NFL general manager, a former backup linebacker -- his 35 special teams tackles with the Green Bay Packers in 1984 is still the franchise's single-season record -- turned collegiate scout.  As the Chiefs make the turn from the front nine to the back seven (and beyond), their front office, the men behind the curtains, are an even more fascinating case study: Mike Frazier, the club's statistical analysis coordinator, interned at Smith Barney and Wachovia. Brad Childress, the spread game analyst, helped revive football at the University of Wisconsin under Barry Alvarez and coached the Minnesota Vikings to a pair of division titles between 2006-10. Consultant Chris Ault invented the Pistol offense as the longtime coach/athletic director at Nevada.

Chiefs' Events During 'Salute To Service' from Chiefs Spin

Brad Childress, Chiefs spread game analyst/special projects coach:

"They don't hear enough of this. We're behind them all the way regardless of what happens politically. I don't know what different messages they get with us pulling people out, but we back them and we back them 1,000 percent. I think they should know that."

Note: Childress' son, Andrew, served in Afghanistan as a Marine and Childress went on a USO tour to the Middle East, which he called "awesome," in 2010 as the head coach of the Minnesota Vikings.

"It's special having had a son serve a tour of duty in Afghanistan," Childress said of Veterans Day. "And to be able go over there, actually go to Afghanistan and see what's that's all about over there in Bagram (Air Base), it just gives you whole different appreciation for the people that are putting their lives on the line for our freedom."

Kansas City Chiefs Get Big Test When They Travel To Denver On Sunday from The Los Angeles Times

The Kansas City Chiefs are 9-0 and the NFL's only undefeated team.

But how good are they, really?

We'll know a lot more Sunday when the Chiefs play at Denver in a pivotal AFC West showdown.

Three Pressing Questions As Broncos Week Begins from FS Kansas City

Can The Andy Gang run the ball on Denver in Denver?

And, more important, can they continue to run the ball when it counts? The Broncos came into Week 10 with the fourth-best rushing defense in the NFL, allowing just 87.0 yards per game and 3.4 yards per carry.

Jack's Smack: Chiefs Won't Win In Denver from KSHB

The Chiefs looked tired in their last two games. This bye week came at the right time.

I want, in the worst way, for the Chiefs to win this game, but, I'm sorry, not in Denver.

Manning is too good and his receivers are too hard to catch.

Denver, 34. Chiefs, 20.

Chiefs Back To Work As Bronco Showdown Awaits from The Associated Press via The Belleville News Democrat

It was supposed to be a week off for Chiefs coach Andy Reid, the one time during the grueling 17-week season where there are hardly any practices and no stressful game.

Thanks to his handy iPad, Reid managed to squeeze in a little bit of work anyway.

After all, the Denver Broncos are on the docket Sunday night.

Early Action Advised In Advance Of Chiefs Game Against Denver from FOX4KC

When the Kansas City Chiefs season began, no one really knew what to expect. But after nine weeks without a loss, many are starting to think playoffs. The Denver Broncos stand in the way this week and with the game in the Mile High City, fans are making plans to watch the game.

The word for the week is "early'". Shop "early" if you are hosting a party, get there "early" if you are going to watch it at your favorite sports bar.

Reid Won't Need To Push Intensity This Week from ESPN

It's probably an understatement that Reid didn't have to work hard to get the attention of the Chiefs. They're 9-0 and the NFL's last remaining unbeaten team, but the Broncos are only a step behind at 8-1. Starting time for the game on Sunday in Denver was recently pushed back to prime time to accommodate a prime-time audience and the massive amount of attention this game is attracting.

In fact, Reid might have to dial back the intensity this week for a game that has been much anticipated for weeks.

6 Days To Denver: Change The No Respect Cardfrom Warpaint Illustrated

The Broncos have not faced a defense built to shut down their offense. On the flip side, the Chiefs defense hasn't faced an offense like this before either. Though the Dallas Cowboys have shown flashes of what the Broncos can do and Kansas City held them to 16 points. The Broncos held Dallas to 48 points.

So technically, it's a wash. But if the Chargers defense, with a Swiss Cheese secondary could at times slow down Manning, it begs the question what KC's defense can do?

NFL Week 11 Picks: Broncos Beat Chiefs, Panthers Over Patriots from CBS Sports

Here's what I know about the Chiefs: they're not going to win a shootout. Here's what I know about the Broncos: they're not going to win without Peyton Manning. Here's what I don't know: Will Peyton Manning and his high-ankle sprain make it through the entire game? I like the Chiefs defense a lot, but I like Manning at home in a primetime game more.

Broncos 27-24 over the Chiefs.

A Bye Week Doesn't Mean It's A Week Off from The Joplin Globe

When people look at me, all they see is a guy whose favorite NFL team hasn't lost a game yet.

What they don't understand is that behind my tough exterior, there is fear, the sort of fear that says: "This could be the week we've been dreading. This could be the week we lose."

I haven't felt that sort of stress in a long time. The last time the Chiefs had a season even remotely like this, it didn't end well. The Chiefs lost in the playoffs.

But, instead of taking a break, I decided to keep going. I decided to watch football just like I would if the Chiefs were playing. I felt I owed it to the team.

Fans Unfazed After Denver Rapper Disses KC In Song Titled: 'Dorothy' from FOX4KC

The Broncos have the NFL's highest scoring offense, while the Chiefs have allowed fewer points than any other team this season. But everyone has an opinion, including a Denver rapper that is weighing in on the competition.

‘The way Peyton reading defense you're about to catch a beating," rapper ‘The Mad Fanatic' says in his song titled "Dorothy."

Updated Super Bowl Odds from National Football Post

Kansas City Chiefs (from 60/1 to 12/1): Raise your hand if you thought Andy Reid and Alex Smith would be sitting atop the AFC West entering Week 11. The Chiefs have rattled off nine straight victories to open the season and boast a league-best +15 turnover differential to go along with their league-best 12.3 points per game allowed on defense. Still, despite the fact that Kansas City stands as the NFL's lone unbeaten franchise, there are many who feel this team is headed for nothing better than a wild card playoff berth.

Unbeaten Chiefs Underdogs Of More Than A TD Sunday At Denver from ProFootballTalk

The Chiefs-Broncos line sent us to our leather-bound, rich-mahogany-smelling point spread archives to answer this question: Has a team that has started 9-0 ever been an underdog of more than a TD this late in the season?

The answer is yes. But it's complicated, as you'll see.

The Walking Dead Punted By Sunday Night Football from

Next week should be an interesting game; while the Kansas City Chiefs don't necessarily scream "ratings powerhouse," they're playing the Denver Broncos, who are both wildly popular among football fans in general and widely expected to be in the mix for the Super Bowl this year. The Walking Dead, meanwhile, is picking up from last night's huge cliffhanger and building what's expected to be a three-week arc toward the mid-season finale.

Chris Christie The Candidate To Beat in 2016? Not So Fast from The Los Angeles Times

But Christie ran against a Democrat who mounted a laughably weak campaign. Taking his New Jersey showing as a guide to how he might perform in a presidential contest is like taking the Kansas City Chiefs' running and passing performance against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and projecting that onto their performance in a potential Super Bowl appearance. (For non-NFL fans, the Chiefs have the best record in pro football and the Bucs, at this writing, have yet to win a game.)

It's Tough To Imagine Any Scenario By Which The Patriots Miss The Playoffs from The Nashua Telegraph

So, there is still a lot to figure out. But if you break all those rules, one might think that there are only two teams that could keep the Patriots away from yet another Super Bowl - Denver and Kansas City.

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