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Andy Reid on Chiefs vs. Broncos: 'They're going to be focused'

The KC Chiefs are preparing to play one of the biggest games in recent memory. The 8-1 Denver Broncos host the Chiefs on national TV this week and Chiefs head coach Andy Reid talked about what's needed to stay focused against Denver.

Rick Stewart


I can't tell you how excited I am for Sunday night's Chiefs-Broncos game. But don't go thinking Andy Reid and the Chiefs are going to be giving us any pregame soundbites to much on. The Chiefs head coach just spoke with the media on a conference call and didn't have anything juicy to say.

This is an example of what he said about Denver: "They've done a great job. They have a good football team period. Their offense has been doing a very nice job. Very explosive."

Another one: "I think they have good players and coaching."

Yeah, not all that exciting. But Reid did talk about how the Chiefs prepare to face one of the NFL's best teams.

"I don't think focus is where your emphasis goes," Reid said in response to a question from Herbie Teope of Chiefs Spin. "They're going to be focused. They're playing a good football team and that's just how it works.

"They're going to be focused. They're playing a good football team and that's just how it works."

"The important part is that you go back to the things you've done every week from a preparation standpoint. You respect the heck out of Denver and you study them and get yourself right as a team. Make sure you know the scheme, stay up on what you need to be at physically at the highest level. That's how you go about doing your business.

"You don't want to get caught up in all the other distractions going on with it being a Sunday night game or playing the Broncos, you want to make sure you get yourself prepared to play a good football team."

The Chiefs are coming off the bye week, where Andy Reid is 13-1 in his career. The players had the week off while the coaches worked until last Wednesday. Andy Reid made sure to keep his iPad on him while he was off so he could get some work done.

Health-wise, the Chiefs are looking good. Every one came back from the bye week in one piece. Chiefs rookie DE Mike Catapano, who was injured, actually practiced so it seems he could have a shot at playing.

Six more days...

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