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Brad Pitt gives the Kansas City Chiefs a shout-out: 'How about those Chiefs!'

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The Kansas City Chiefs have arrived. Brad Pitt gave them a shout-out.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Brad Pitt is from Springfield, Mo. (the pride of SMS, err, Missouri State ... actually, MU!), and is currently filming a movie in the English countryside. His foundation, Make It Right, helped finance the Bancroft School Apartments in Kansas City.

For this, he was in a quick video shown to those at the ribbon-cutting.

KCTV-5 has the video here. Read his comments below, with an emphasis on the final line.

We began Make It Right in the afermath of Hurricane Katrina to bring affordable and sustainable homes to families trying to return. As a fellow Missourian, it brings me great pride that Make It Right to be of service in my home state. We're very excited about this project, this beautiful building in front of you, the Bancroft Apartments because it represents our values and provides many housing for many in need. We also hope it serves as a catalyst for new life and new investment in the community in Manheim park. We applaud it's visionaries, thank the local leaders and all of our partners on the ground there. It's been a great experience. We at Make It Right look forward to expanding our work there.

In closing, I would just like to say, how about those Chiefs!

Soo, the Chiefs arrived, no?

(H/T Sudden)

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