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Arrowheadlines: Kansas City Chiefs News 11/11

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Thank you, and Happy Veterans Day to all of you who have, or are currently serving our country. Here is today's Kansas City Chiefs news. Enjoy.


Chiefs Honor Veterans Day from The Mothership

Today, we honor those who have served our country, those who have shown true patriotism and those who were willing to sacrifice everything. The Chiefs organization thanks those who have fought for our freedom and proudly served the United States of America.

The Chiefs have a long-standing appreciation for the men and women in our armed forces, and have a proud tradition of hosting military personnel at Arrowhead. The annual Military Appreciation Day at Arrowhead Stadium will take place on November 24th when the Chiefs take on the Chargers.

Question Concerning Manning's Health Only Thing That Could Spoil Chiefs-Broncos from KC Star

Manning will have an MRI on Monday and he has enough of that football paranoia to not want it known exactly what hurts and how much beyond mentioning "my lower body." He doesn't know what the MRI will find. You never do, but sure, he's a little nervous. Of all the times to be hurt, this could be the worst for Manning and the Broncos as they prepare - finally - to play the Chiefs this week in a game that will go a long way in defining both teams' seasons.

So much of it depends on Manning's health, of course, but for now let's assume that the injury isn't serious and the Chiefs' absurd run of facing backup quarterbacks will end when they play Sunday at Denver.

Chiefs ready For Second-Half Of 2013 Season from The Mothership

"When we came in, we had one goal in mind, to buy into the family mentality" Chiefs WR Donnie Avery said. "We've done well, so far, with nine wins, but we just have to keep going. We still have seven games to go in the regular season, so we're catching our second wind and will come back ready to go."

The next chapter of what has already been an incredible story this season, will continue on Monday, when the team begins preparing for its Week 11 matchup against the Denver Broncos.

Succop's Consistency As A Kicker Has Had Impact On Chiefs' Unbeaten Start from KC Star

Succop has made 18 of his 21 field-goal attempts, including all 18 inside of 50 yards. And most of those field goals have allowed the NFL's top-rated scoring defense to protect margins of victory.

"This year we've had a lot of games where we've needed a field goal late to either go up by six, or make it a two-score game," Succop said. "Those are awesome. Instead of kicks to tie the game or whatever, we've been up. That's a testament to how we've been playing as a team."

Broncos-Chargers( And Chiefs, Kinda) Insta-Reaction? Sure, Why Not? from KC Star

The Broncos have one of the best offenses in recent NFL history. Peyton Manning is a quarterback cyborg, and the toys he has to throw to are gifted.

That said, the Chiefs can beat them.

I said CAN. Video: How We Got Here: Week 3

Broncos' Limping Peyton Manning Scheduled For MRI On Injured Ankle from The Denver Post

He is expected to play in the Broncos' AFC West showdown next Sunday night against the undefeated Kansas City Chiefs.

"I certainly plan on it, yeah," Manning said. "I had (an MRI) a couple weeks ago. I took a couple hits today, so just kind of an update to see what it says. I'm hoping for no change."

Kansas City Chiefs Are Living Up To Billing As Couch Slouch Team Of Destiny from The Washington Post

There are two things you need to know about the Kansas City Chiefs:

1. Naysayers are calling them the worst 9-0 team in NFL history.

2. They were Couch Slouch's AFC Team of Destiny, so I don't care if they got to 9-0 by hiring fallen Enron honchos to cook the books, we will celebrate their deliriously-delightful-if-frighteningly-fragile unbeaten status.

With Super Bowl As Goal, Broncos Job Is To Protect Peyton Manning from The Colorado Springs Gazette

This lower-body issue is a big-picture issue because of what's coming next: Kansas City and its relentless, ravaging pass rush. The Chiefs lead the NFL in sacks.

The Chiefs also lead the AFC West, a dizzying fact given the Broncos' brilliance thus far.

The Broncos are better than the Chiefs, who seem to stick a voodoo doll and slip past Cleveland, Buffalo, CSU-Pueblo and Manitou Springs High on Sundays.

But the Broncos are not better than the Chiefs if Peyton is not Peyton.

NFL Morning After: Filling In The Playoff Picture from ProFootballTalk

AFC West: Denver. This is the only division that I don't think the current first-place team will win. I expect the 8-1 Broncos to sweep the 9-0 Chiefs, winning this week in Denver and then winning in Kansas City in Week 13, and Denver will win this division.

AFC wild cards: Kansas City and New York Jets.

Peyton Manning's Tender Ankles A Major Concern from The Denver Post

The next challenge for the Broncos is Kansas City, a team that drives your grandfather's Oldsmobile.

Kansas City favors a retro style, playing something the NFL used to call defense. The Chiefs have Pro Bowl quality tacklers in nose tackle Dontari Poe, linebacker Tamba Hali and safety Eric Berry.

The Chiefs play ugly football. Unless the league gets put in the hot-tub time machine, Kansas City has about as much chance of winning the Super Bowl as you have of attending the grand opening of a Blockbuster video store at your neighborhood strip mall.

There's only one way the Chiefs can beat the Broncos.

And that way is so painful you can feel Manning wince.

Rapid Reaction: Denver Broncos from ESPN

What's next: The Chiefs (9-0) are coming off a bye, so they will have had some extra time to get ready for the Broncos' offense. Kansas City has 36 sacks, but while Justin Houston(11.0) and Tamba Hali (9.0) are the outside rushers who have done the most damage, it's Chiefs nose tackle Dontari Poe (4.5) who may be the most difficult matchup for the Broncos overall.

The Most Surprising Teams In The NFL from The Tartan

With two games remaining against the formidable Denver Broncos led by Peyton Manning, the second half of the Chiefs' schedule will show whether the Chiefs are legitimate contenders.

But with an offense that is overly reliant on running back Jamaal Charles, it is difficult to predict whether the Chiefs can score enough points to win against more offensively potent teams.