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Which Buffalo Bills player would KC Chiefs fans take?

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If you could take just one player from the Bills and put him on the Chiefs...

Rick Stewart

Please welcome our friends at Buffalo Rumblings.

Brian over at Bills blog, Buffalo Rumblings, asked yesterday which Chiefs player Bills fans would take right now if they could. Hop on over to that post to see who they picked (lots of options it seems).

Today we ask the same of Chiefs fans.

Which Bills player would Chiefs fans take right now?

This is a tough question for me. I love CJ Spiller but he's a similar back to Jamaal Charles. Same with Mario Williams, but the Chiefs look good in the pass rush department.

I'm torn between safety Jairus Byrd and receiver Stevie Johnson. Because I can't guarantee that Alex Smith would consistently get Johnson the ball, I'd roll with Byrd, who would complete the Chiefs secondary as an elite unit.

Who would you pick?

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