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Chiefs vs. Titans: The best and the worst

His Dirkness recaps the Chiefs 26-17 victory over the Titans with the best and worst moments of the week.

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"Five and ohhhhhhhhhh ohhhhh ohhhhhhh. Ohhhhhhhhhh ohhh ohhhhhhhh." -Hundreds of inebriated Chiefs fans on Broadway St. in Nashville, at 3 a.m. on Saturday night.

"Are we in Kansas City? I feel so outta place" - Titans fan in a crowded elevator at the stadium, 90 percent filled with Chiefs fans.

A bit of a different flow to this week's Best and Worst (hello, Vine account).

I was traveling back from Nashville on Monday so I couldn't write then (I like the internet). And then I accidentally just slept through Tuesday, and so here we are.

It was a weird feeling attending a Chiefs game on the road (my second time doing so, 2010 at Houston), experiencing the atmosphere of a different team's stadium.

Let me sum up the differences in fan-osophy like this...

Chiefs fans go out to Arrowhead Stadium with the sole intent of being loud and helping their team win. They drink, they grill out, and their trachea pays the price the next day.

Meanwhile, Titans fans (and presumably, most NFL teams fans) go to LP Field with the intent of sitting down, enjoying a football game, and cheering when good things happen.

Hopefully, they learned a thing or two from our traveling contingency on Sunday.

The Best & Worst w/ His Dirkness

Best timing - Chiefs offense. Say what you will about that side of the ball (like how they have struggled for an entire quarter in every game of this season), but every time they need to put a drive together, they get the damn job done. I credit the confidence of the team. I credit the winning environment created at One Arrowhead Drive. And that stems from John Dorsey (the Packers won), Andy Reid (the Eagles won), and Alex Smith (24-5-1 since 2011, second best in NFL). It really is unbelievable what has happened with this franchise in such a short amount of time.

Best way to support a shaky offense - Scoring in other ways, which the Chiefs have now done in four of their five games victories.

Best I can to contain my love for Marcus Cooper throughout this post - But I make no promises.

Best players will play, period - What is ... Andy Reid's philosophy? Suck it, Trebek. Cooper deserves all the praise thrown to him this week. I mean, he might have the best stats of any CB in the NFL right now, according to PFF (well, that didn't last long). But what about the stones it took for Andy Reid to sit a veteran the Chiefs paid a fair share of money to this offseason (Dunta Robinson) in favor of a 7th round rookie CB who's already been cut once and had one good game to his credit. Hey, remember that last regime who cared about all that stupid shit just as much as they did the play on the field? Yeah, me neither.

Best sign of good coaching - Two weeks ago, Jamaal Charles ran out of bounds with the offense trying to run the clock out. This week, in a similar situation, Jamaal gets as many yards as he can while steering clear of the sideline. Eliminate bad football.

Best compromise on God Jam's fumble - No injury. Damn, what a nasty tumble that was.

Best defenses get - Goalline stands. Hey, we are tougher than you. Tamba Hali did this on 1st down. Allen Bailey deflected a pass. Fitzpatrick caught his own pass in the most Fitz play ever. Justin Houston absolutely stonewalled Fitz at the goalline on back to back plays. 4th and goal was all Poe.

Best nose tackle in the NFL - Dontari Poe. He is, uh....well, take it away Michael Irvin.

Bring it, Donkeys. Bringggggggg it.

Best trio of CBs in the NFL - Brandon Flowers (gutting it out at an all new slot CB position), Sean Smith (James Hasty 2.0) and Marcus Cooper (who is amused by the simplicity of this game ... dammit!). Bring it, Donkeys. Bringggggggg it.

Best sign of respect shown for this defense - The Titans got the ball back with the lead in the 4th quarter. On both 2nd & 3rd and 1, they lined up in shotgun and threw the ball resulting in two stupid Broncos chants.

Best play - Ryan Succop's 48 yard boot. Game on the line. Difficult conditions. And he nailed it. I mean, boom.

Best tangible proof of Alex Smith's limitations - His deep ball to Donnie Avery, where he appeared to put everything he had on it, traveled 49 yards in the air.

Best (er, biggest) difference between Alex Smith and Matt Cassel - Both QBs are prone to cold spells where they can't seem to hit any of their targets consistently. However, while Matty Nice almost never snapped out of his funks (he either had it, or he didn't), Alex is apt to regain it at any given time, which makes all the difference in the world. I think this speaks to the confidence he has in himself, as well as his intelligence level.

Best effort of the day - Alex Smith barely gets the throw off to Jamaal, who stumbles to the ground, gets up, breaks a tackle, and lunges for the first down. All in a play's work.

Worst playQuentin Demps' whiff on Jackie Battle's 36 yard scamper.

Worst luckBrandon Flowers' pass breakup somehow bounces right into lap of Kendall Wright. Hell of a play from Flowers.

Best catch that won't soon be making any highlight reel - Dwayne Bowe's only reception of the first half. Unfortunately, this forced the Chiefs to take their final timeout, handcuffing their chances of scoring a TD before half.

Worst execution - Justin Houston was spying Ryan Fitzpatrick on his TD run. Let him run right by him.

Worst. Call. Ever. - I cannot wait to grill Sam Mellinger on tonight's Amateur Hour (available around 8PM tonight on our website) for preposterously defending the Pass Interference call on Eric Berry.

Best tweet of the week

Worst reality check - You may or may not have agreed with the late hit call on Alex Smith, but the fact of the matter is, that will get called every single time in today's NFL.

Best gift that keeps on giving - Larry Johnson's post-NFL career.

Best best best best best BEST - Go suck a pickle, Shannon Sharpe.

I can't contain myself anymore, I LOVE MARCUS COOPER!!!

Best part about Marcus Cooper - He's only played the CB position for 18 months! He shouldn't be this good right now. He should improve greatly as he continues to learn the position. The dude even recovers fumbles like a boss. I can't contain myself anymore, I LOVE MARCUS COOPER!!!

Curious to get your thoughts on this week's post (middle of the week, after a rematch, Vine heavy) compared to the past week's Best and Worsts. Thanks.

Don't ever eat at White Castle,

His Dirkness

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