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Travis Kelce's knee injury could cost him the entire season for the Kansas City Chiefs

The injury saga of KC Chiefs rookie TE Travis Kelce has taken another twist. He could be out for the rest of the season.

Jamie Squire

Travis Kelce, who has yet to play any offensive snaps this season, had knee surgery on Tuesday afternoon, according to Chiefs trainer Rick Burkholder. Andy Reid and GM John Dorsey have not yet decided what they will do with him but ending his season early is a possibility. In fact, I would guess that's what they're going to do at some point.

Burkholder laid out the timeline of events for us at today's practice.

Kelce's knee injury first popped up in training camp. He had an MRI and they determined it was a bone bruise in his knee. But whenever Kelce tried to make a come back to the field, he kept having setbacks. More MRIs were done and they continued to show the bone bruise.

He was fine running when attempting to rehab, but he couldn't get in and out of his stance when he put weight on his knee.

"Yesterday," Burkholder told the media on Wednesday, "[Kelce] had arthroscopic surgery on his knee. He did find he had a spot on his cartilage at the end of his femur bone. That didn't know up on his MRI but when [the doctor] went in with the scope he could see it. That spot in his knee is in a non-weight bearing area, which is why he could run without pain but couldn't get in and out of his stance, had to have a micro-fracture procedure."

Is this a season-ending injury?

"Anytime you have knee surgery there's that chance," Burkholder said. Reid didn't say whether the Chiefs would IR him or not -- they're going to take their time -- but the impression I got is that that's a strong likelihood.

Is this the type of injury that can threaten his career?

"This is an injury that people get better from," Burkholder continued. "He's a young guy and has a healthy knee."

So I wouldn't count on Kelce for the rest of this season.

The rest of the injury report:

  • Donnie Avery: He has a shoulder contusion and could practice today, according to Reid.
  • Jamaal Charles: He still has blisters on his toes, which are apparently really bad. "They're a mess." He won't practice today but there was every indication that he would be available for Sunday's game.
  • Anthony Fasano: He won't practice with a knee strain.
  • Eric Fisher: He returns today from a concussion.
  • Justin Houston: "He took a hit to the neck area [last week against the Titans] and we'll just see how he does," Reid said. "But he feels great right now. There aren't necessarily symptoms, we just want to make sure we take care of business."
Update from today's practice:

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