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Chiefs GM John Dorsey, Brandon Flowers asked about Tony Gonzalez

KC Chiefs CB Brandon Flowers spoke with Bill Reiter on Fox Sports Radio and of course the topic of the day came up. In a separate interview with 810 WHB, Chiefs GM John Dorsey was also asked about Tony Gonzalez.


UPDATE: Tony Gonzalez told Jay Glazer he does NOT want to be traded.

The Chiefs are 5-0. The Falcons are 1-4 and lost on national TV last night. This of course has created a "Bring Back Tony Gonzalez" campaign on Twitter and Facebook (yes, there is a Facebook page dedicated to the cause).

I don't actually expect Tony G. to get traded back ... BUT I am going to have fun chronicling these next few weeks anyway.

Brandon Flowers spoke with Bill Reiter on Fox Sports Radio this afternoon and became the first of I'm sure many Chiefs in the next few weeks to say he would welcome Tony G. back to KC.

"I'd love to have him back here," Flowers said. "He was definitely a pro. He taught me how to be a pro in this locker room. He's a great guy to have on your team. I'd welcome him back with open arms but that's totally his decision if he wants to come back or not."

Meanwhile, the GM has also been asked about Tony G....

...So, this thing is already making the rounds.

I would expect to see more Chiefs players asked about Tony G. this week.

Make sure you listen to the entire segment with Flowers but while we're here, a few of my favorite quotes:

  • "We don't have any weakness on this defense."
  • "We'll worry about Peyton down the road."
  • "I think we have the best owner in the league."
  • "[Alex Smith is] a guy who is not going to turn the ball over and keep the chains moving."
  • "This game against Oakland this weekend I think we'll break any record Seattle broke."

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