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Chiefs fans interested in a certain TE after Falcons lose again to Jets

A couple of observations on the Jets-Falcons Monday Night Football game last night.


The New York Jets kicked a last-second field goal to beat the Atlanta Falcons on Monday night. I didn't stay up for all of it -- just the first half -- but it sure looked like an exciting game. I have a couple of reactions.

1. I am so glad the Chiefs are 5-0 or else we would spend the day hearing about Geno Smith and his 16-of-20-for-3-TD performance on Monday night. He had the game winning drive.

2. Chiefs fans want Tony G. Remember, I said I didn't watch last night's game. Once the Falcons lost, dropping them to 1-4 on the season, a bunch of Chiefs fans sent me their thoughts (unprompted) on a certain tight end in Atlanta that they want to come back home. Yes, I said "home". Lots of people were talking last night.

For the record, I think the chances of the Chiefs actually trading for Tony G. and bringing him back home are extremely small if not completely non-existent. He is retiring at the end of the season (unless he's pulling a Favre) and the Falcons made a lot of concessions (such as no training camp) to get him to come back. I don't think Tony G. is thinking about KC right now, unfortunately.

But vote in the poll anyway and let us know how much you would give up. I'm at the 4th-5th round level right now.

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