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NFL power rankings, Week 6: KC Chiefs should be a top 5 team

The Kansas City Chiefs continue to win, making this much easier in the Week 6 NFL power rankings. The unbeaten Chiefs are settling in as a consensus top five team in the NFL. You can view all of SB Nation's network power rankings here.

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Last week it was darn near a consensus that the KC Chiefs were a top five team in the NFL after perusing the Week 5 NFL power rankings. Now that we're looking at the Week 6 NFL power rankings, we can confirm the Kansas City Chiefs are a top five team. There are just three remaining unbeaten teams in the NFL -- the Chiefs, Denver Broncos and New Orleans Saints. Most say the Broncos and Saints are ahead of the Chiefs and I can't argue with that too much.

Here is how the Week 5 AP power rankings turned out: 1. Broncos 2. Seahawks 3. Saints 4. Patriots 5. Chiefs.

The Chiefs average ranking was 4.6 in those rankings. Ahead of them were the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks, who both lost last weekend. That means those teams will probably be dropping in the AP power rankings and the Chiefs are moving up. The No. 3 spot sounds about right this week (did I just say the Chiefs could be No. 3 in power rankings? Holy crap, what a season.)

The Indianapolis Colts are looking really sharp, having just beaten the Seahawks. They're a team that I could see being ranked above the Chiefs in some rankings. (Not that I'd agree, but I bet that happens). The Colts play the Broncos in two weeks so something is going to give in the rankings at that point.

I am very curious to see the SB Nation NFL power rankings from Ryan Van Bibber. Last week his No. 8 ranking was the lowest Chiefs ranking of just about anyone I saw. Four wins, and you're still wondering if a team is for real. Five wins ... that's hard to deny. It's not easy for any team to win five games in a row in the NFL at any point in the season.

Last week's consensus power rankings put the Chiefs at No. 5. The AFC West was the best division, according to those rankings. If the Chargers hadn't lost to the Raiders last weekend, the AFC West would be looking even better. (Chargers, what were you thinking?) The Chiefs are fortunate that they are playing this season what looks to be the worst division -- the NFC East.

Considering we were talking last year at this time about the Chiefs being one of the worst NFL teams in history (they hadn't taken a lead yet!), this is a welcome change.

There aren't many power rankings already out this morning so we will be rounding up a lot of them and posting them later today. If this set of power rankings are any indication, the Chiefs are in for a nice day.

Please vote in the poll below and let us know where the Chiefs should rank.

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