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Are the Kansas City Chiefs for real? 7 reasons they are

The KC Chiefs beat the Tennessee Titans 26-17 to move to 5-0 on the season. The Chiefs are now one of three unbeaten teams, along with the New Orleans Saints and Denver Broncos. Are the Chiefs for real? We have seven reasons that say yes.

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The Chiefs win by an average of two touchdowns

We're going to start hearing about who the Chiefs have played (nobody!), how bad the offense is (horrible!) or the quarterbacks the defense has faced this year (Fitzpatrick!). But I would like to point out that the Chiefs aren't just beating teams. They are winning by an average of two touchdowns per game. An average.

Call them a fluke, call them lucky, call it whatever you want. But over the course of five games, it is NOT easy to walk out with an average margin of victory sitting at 14 points.

The defense is E-L-I-T-E

The Chiefs D was nasty in the first half, including an outstanding goal line stand. They allowed the Titans to go on two big touchdown drives. But that was it. That was the extent of the Chiefs struggles, and I use that word because this Titans game was the "worst" defensive performance of the year for KC.

A 17 point effort with the defense securing turnovers late in the game and this was the Chiefs "worst" defensive performance of the season. Life is good, Chiefs fans.

Just leaving this one here ... CHIEFENSE.

And another one: 11.6 points per game!

The Chiefs own the fourth quarter

Trailing 17-13 entering the final quarter in Week 5 against Tennessee, KC doubled their point total in the fourth quarter alone and the Chiefs eat the Titans, 26-17.

In Week 4, they put up 14 fourth quarter points to close out the Giants.

In Week 3, it was the eight-plus minute drive to shut down the Eagles come back hopes.

In Week 2, it was another clock-killing drive against Dallas to close it out.

The Chiefs own the fourth quarter.

The Chiefs are road warriors

Let's assume the Broncos are the world beaters they appear to be and they win the AFC West. Assuming the Chiefs clinch a Wild Card, they are going to have to go on the road in the first round of the playoffs. Then it's a good thing that the Chiefs win big on the road.

They beat the Jaguars by 26 points in Jacksonville. They went to Philly and beat the Eagles by 10. They completed Sunday's game in Tennessee with a nine-point victory. I don't care how bad you say the other team is, it's not easy and not common for teams to go on the road and win by multiple scores like this.

The Chiefs score 25.6 points per game

The biggest weakness on the Chiefs, both from the fan base and outsiders, is the offense. We all know that's going to be an issue at some point. Alex Smith needs to stretch the defenses more. Dwayne Bowe has to be more involved at some point. Jamaal Charles has to pick it up on the ground.

But you know what? The Chiefs are 11th in scoring right now. 11th! I don't know about you, but I think that's pretty good. It's one of those things where I can't tell you how they're doing it, but they are.

The Chiefs can score in all three phases

In response to the blurb above this one, many fans may point out that the defense and special teams have been scoring, too. I look at this as a positive. The Chiefs have multiple special teams touchdowns this year and multiple defensive touchdowns. You can't count on those types of plays to come in the future but you can celebrate them when they do. That's what we'll do now. Celebrate the fact that the Chiefs can score on offense, defense or special teams.

I get that you can't count on it week to week but scoring on defense and special teams is a very good thing.

Arrowhead is back

The Chiefs are 5-0 and have six more games at Arrowhead, including three in a row at home. With the way the stadium has awaken this year, that's a very, very good thing.

5-0 in pictures

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