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Chiefs beat Titans: THAT defense, adversity strikes, and more things we learned

The KC Chiefs beat the Tennessee Titans, 26-17, on Sunday afternoon. The Chiefs were finally put in a tough spot late in the game and they responded. That leads the five things we learned about the Chiefs in Week 5.

Frederick Breedon
1. The Chiefs faced adversity and still won

In the big picture, this is huge. We wanted to see the Chiefs losing in the fourth quarter and prove that they can come back and win it. That's what they did, entering the fourth quarter down 17-13 to the Titans. KC put up 13 fourth quarter points to seal the win.

They did not play a perfect game. They had a lot of penalties against them. They turned it over. But when they needed a HUGE play, they got it.

The Chiefs had their backs against the wall and responded. The biggest takeaway from this game.

2. Chiefs defense ... still very good

The Chiefs defense was lights out in the first half. The Titans didn't pick up a first down until midway through the second quarter. They weren't picking up sacks left and right like they have in the past but they were playing excellent defense.

But then there's that adversity thing again.

KC was put in a tough spot when the Titans came out firing in the second half. It was as if it was a different game as the Titans scored 17 unanswered points to take the lead heading into the fourth quarter.

But, again, when the Chiefs needed a play, it was there. Marcus Cooper, everyone! His interception was a huge play. The Chiefs didn't score off of that play did score on the play and the possession change did eat up the clock late in the game.

The best part of this game, and perhaps the season (at least for me), was the Chiefs goal line stand. The Titans had a 1st-and-goal from the 1-yard line and the Chiefs STILL held on for the stop on four consecutive plays.

3. Chiefs depth continues to play a huge role

Donnie Avery is the No. 2 receiver but he's almost an after thought once you get past Dwayne Bowe and Jamaal Charles in the passing game. Yet here he is, the Chiefs leading receiver this season. He had two 40-plus yard receptions, with the biggest one coming from the Chiefs own 1-yard line.

Avery, who ended with 91 yards on three receptions, left the game with a shoulder injury and did not return.

Sean McGrath was the Chiefs second leading receiver in this game. If you had told me before the season the Chiefs would be missing their top two tight ends and that position is STILL a strength, I would've called you crazy.

Then there's Marcus Cooper. He played on the outside today and Brandon Flowers, who returned this week, played a lot of slot. I wonder if Bob Sutton went with this line-up because he just had to find a way to get Cooper on the field. That young cornerback is having a heck of a season to this point.

4. Ryan Succop quietly one of the key reasons for success

We never talk about Ryan Succop, the Chiefs kicker. He really snuck up on me this season as one of the key parts of the Chiefs success. He was 4-for-4 on field goals today, including a 48-yarder to ice the game late.

When you play the type of ball the Chiefs do, you need a consistent and accurate kicker. KC has that in Succop so far this season.

And how about this one: Ryan Succop passed Pete Stoyanovich for 5th all-time on the Chiefs scoring list.

5. Chiefs offense has issues, but keep finding a way

Nothing about the Chiefs offense today will really impress you. There were a couple of deep passes which were nice and Jamaal Charles put up 145 total yards. But the Chiefs offense had plenty of issues throughout the day. They were 2-of-12 on third down, which is bad.

Yet here we are, talking about the Chiefs putting up 26 points in the game. I don't know how they do it, but they score enough points to win.

We will continue to talk about the Chiefs offense continuing to get better but look at the points scored for them: 28, 17, 26, 31, 26. Defense and special teams scores help but 26 points will win you a LOT of games.

The best photos of the Chiefs victory

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