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Chiefs vs. Titans: Rain in Nashville is coming

The KC Chiefs play the Tennessee Titans in Nashville this afternoon and, according to the weather reports, rain could be joining them.

The Arrowhead Pride weather reports return.


According to and local weather reporters in Tennessee, the rains-a-comin' today. They are saying scattered thunderstorms in Nashville today and a high percentage of rain. The picture above is of the projected radar for the start of the game at noon.

Here's the weather summary for today:


The Chiefs could get lucky and avoid all the rain. But it sure looks like it's coming.

So who does this favor?

I am tempted to say the Chiefs. I feel like the vertical passing game would be the most affected by the rain and that's not an area the Chiefs are really interested in anyway. The Chiefs pass the ball a lot so that will of course be affected, but Alex Smith can also keep those passes shorter and at a higher percentage in the rain.

Holding onto the ball becomes even more important, especially for Jamaal Charles and Chris Johnson. Turnovers are huge in this game considering Tennessee has yet to turn it over all year.

Rain games would seemingly play into the defense's advantage with the offense likely becoming a little sloppier.

There's one thing I know for sure: Andy Reid has the Chiefs prepared for a rain game. He has a plan. I have little doubt about that.

Who would a rain game favor?

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