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Chiefs vs. Titans 2013: 5 questions with the enemy

In preparation for the KC Chiefs and Tennessee Titans game on Sunday, I talked with Jimmy over at SB Nation's Titans blog, Music City Miracles. See our Q&A below.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports
Name one Titans player on offense to keep an eye on.

MCM: Kendall Wright. Ryan Fitzpatrick is a guy that needs to get into a rhythm passing. Hitting some short passes to Wright would be the perfect way to make that happen. Wright is a guy that has a lot of "wiggle."  He is explosive when he gets the ball in his hands. This game could turn on a big play from either team. Kendall is a guy that can make that happen.

Name one player on defense to keep an eye on.

MCM: Zach Brown. Mike Mayock said on draft day that Brown was "allergic to contact." It is clear that Brown has used that comment for motivation. He has been flying all over the field this season, and Gregg Williams is the perfect coach for him. Williams knows how to use a guy like Brown and his exceptional speed to disrupt opposing offenses.

What were Titans fans reactions to the signing of Ryan Fitzpatrick? What did you think of him possibly starting back then vs. now?

MCM: There wasn't much of a reaction to the Fitzpatrick signing, honestly. You had your outlier of fans that said Fitzpatrick would end up beating out Locker for the job, but that was really just because those people were ready to give up on Locker before he had started the equivalent of a full season. As for now, he is a guy that has been successful in the past. The biggest knock on him is that he turns the ball over too much. Hopefully Titans OC Dowell Loggains has helped him realize that he doesn't need to take as many chances here with the way this defense had played so far.

I see some Arrowhead Pride readers saying KC should trade for Kenny Britt. What's his story? Is it just a change of scenery needed or is he just not good enough?

MCM: Kenny Britt has all of the talent in the world, but he is still very immature. That is what has kept him from realizing his immense potential. He is also a guy that hasn't been able to stay healthy. It has been one injury after another for Britt, and he isn't what you would call a quick healer. He needs a change of scenery and will get one after the season is over. There is a chance he will go somewhere else and be dominant, but I will believe it when I see it.

The Chiefs defense can get after the passer pretty well. How does the Titans o-line pass block? Where's the weakness?

MCM: The focus of the offseason for the Titans was improving the interior of the offensive line. They are better this year, but they haven't come together as much as most people would have hoped.  So to answer your first question, they are decent pass blocking.

As for the weakness, it is absolutely center Rob Turner. He has really struggled in the early part of this season. In fact, he will probably be replaced in the starting lineup by rookie Brian Schwenke in the next month. They wanted Schwenke to win the job in camp, but he had a hamstring issue that held him out for a couple of weeks.

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