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Posterized: Sutton Death

Catch the latest Posterized painting by Chris Sembower, featuring Bob Sutton and the killer Chiefs defense!

Happy Halloween, Chiefs Kingdom!

I wanted to do something fun this week, with the Holliday and all.

I'm really enjoying this defense we've got here. It reminds me of the one I watched when I was a kid. The effect it's had on Arrowhead has been tremendous. I've had the good fortune of going to all the games this year, and I'd have to say it's definitely a "bucket list" experience for any Chiefs fan. It's felt pretty redeeming after everything we've gone through as a fan base lately.

I expect the next two division games at Arrowhead will be absolutely deafening. Can't wait.

As always, this can be viewed large on my Facebook page, or downloaded from my website.o Chiefs!!!

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