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As the Kansas City Chiefs keep winning, people keep buying their jerseys

A number of KC Chiefs players are becoming more popular in the jersey sales department.

Jamie Squire

The more the Kansas City Chiefs win, the more folks keep buying their jerseys. According to Dick's Jersey Report, the KC Chiefs began the season 24th in jersey sales as a team. Since then they have jumped up to 15th, which is the largest jump of any NFL team from the start of the season to now.

Unfortunately, those dang Denver Broncos are No. 1 overall in total team jersey sales.

The Chiefs, however, have a number of players who have made large jumps since the start of the season. Here's the list of players from Dick's Jersey Report that have risen the most since Week 1.

1. Jordy Nelson - 125th Week 1, 76th season-to-date (+49)

2. Jamaal Charles - 62nd Week 1,  16th season-to-date (+46)

3. Dwayne Bowe - 140th Week 1, 96th season-to-date (+44)

4. Eric Berry - 97th Week 1, 55th season-to-date (+42)

5. Dexter McCluster - 103rd Week 1, 68th season-to-date (+35)

6. Jake Locker - 97th Week 1, 63rd season-to-date (+34)

6. Ryan Tannehill - 74th Week 1, 40th season-to-date (+34)

8. JJ Watt - 132nd Week 1, 103rd season-to-date (+29)

9. Marshawn Lynch - 46th Week 1, 18th season-to-date (+28)

10. Jermaine Gresham - 137th Week 1, 110th season-to-date (+27)

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