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Andy Reid reacts to the picture of Baby Andy Reid

KC Chiefs head coach Andy Reid spoke with the media on Wednesday and updated us on several items, including Baby Andy Reid and the health of Jamaal Charles, who will not practice on Wednesday.

Finally, Andy Reid has addressed the phenomenon that is Baby Andy Reid.

Over the weekend the picture above came out on Twitter. We found it from someone who tweeted it, mentioned it on Twitter and then .... the whole thing just took off. Everyone seemed to be writing about the baby that looked just like Andy Reid. found the family of Baby Andy Reid, which you can read about here. The Chiefs head coach was asked about the picture on Wednesday and said:

"I thought there was some similarities. Graham's his name, right? I thought he had a heck of a mustache. He looked very similar to Britt [his son] when he was born."


Jamaal Charles: Knee contusion, which is a bruise. He will not practice today. He did go through the walk-through. "We'll let that thing settle down and I think he'll be alright," Reid said. I'm not too concerned ... yet.

Mike Catapano: He has a high ankle sprain. "Pretty slim" chance of playing this weekend, Reid said.

Roster moves

Chiefs promoted Rokevious Watkins to the 53-man roster because another team was trying to sign him. If they hadn't elevated him, another team could have signed him off the practice squad. Reid said good offensive linemen are hard to find.

Read about all the roster moves here.

Sanders Commings return: Next Wednesday?

The Chiefs have to make a decision on Sanders Commings' return by next Wednesday. He was placed on IR-designated to return before the season. He's not hitting anyone right now so they want to make sure he's healthy. Reid said Commings has gotten work at cornerback, safety and nickel.

The weekly "Are you rejuvenated?" question

"Every day I can get this big tail out of bed I'm a happy guy," Reid said.

He also mentioned the people and the barbecue in Kansas City are "phenomenal."

Bills defense

"Their defense is tremendous," Reid said. "Very physical. They fly around. They're smart. Their front seven is as good as we've played. We have to make sure we're ready to go there. Their back end now is healthy so you put them in with the best we've played there."

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