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Does Tech N9ne see some of himself in Alex Smith?

Yeah, you read that question right.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

FINALLY, we have an answer to the question of whether Kansas City-based rap artist Tech N9ne sees some of Alex Smith in himself.

From an ESPN Q&A with Tech N9ne:

Do you see some of yourself in quarterback Alex Smith? Here's a guy who didn't exactly set the world on fire early in his career and then was dumped by San Francisco right as he was getting hot and now he's having a "I told you so!" kind of season in Kansas City.

I'm still having that moment. The slow roll surprises everybody. Everyone expects you to be right there. But when you are creeping on them and working on your craft, like I'm sure he is, you take people by surprise. Stickin' em! Pow pow! I always knew I had it. Plus we are in the "Show Me" state. Everyone is like "show me what you can do." Even in rap, it took K.C. awhile to get on to Tech N9ne. It was hurtful because places like Denver had been on me for a decade. Now we are shining and on the incline. It"s "I told you so" just like you said. We aren't cocky about it ... and it doesn't seem like he is either ... but we are going to get it done. I just pray they can keep this winning streak going. I would love to see all that red at the Super Bowl.

Please read the whole thing here.

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