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Your Josh Freeman and Kansas City Chiefs tweets

The Buccaneers have cut Josh Freeman. Here is your collection of tweets from people wondering if the Chiefs will now sign Josh Freeman.

Jim Rogash

My official take: No, the Chiefs should not sign Josh Freeman.

If this were last March, I would've been a lot more interested. But the Chiefs invested their money in Chase Daniel and they have some promise in Tyler Bray. I would assume that there's interest in Freeman beyond the league minimum so that's a lot of money to be tied up in a player who, ideally, won't play at all. The Chiefs currently have $2.5 million in cap space so they would be pushing it by signing for a player that at this point would be a luxury.

I can see the folks who say a quarterback should be treated differently. If you really, really like him then you need to go get him.

Freeman is from the KC area so you're going to hear some Chiefs fans falling for him, beyond the group that wants the Chiefs to sign every single available big name free agent.

There's always a chance that I'm wrong though. Should the Chiefs sign Josh Freeman?

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