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Act like you've been there before

A word on Chiefs and Broncos fans on SB Nation's blogs, Arrowhead Pride and Mile High Report.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

While I was on vacation in Mexico last weekend I met a Broncos fan. Nice guy who could handle some friendly trash talking. Even though I have been hoping with everything that I have in me that his team loses, I was able to talk with him respectfully.

This is relevant because the Chiefs and Broncos blogs on SB Nation -- Arrowhead Pride and Mile High Report -- have not been getting along so well. 99 percent of the readers from AP are fine but, just like there is at MHR, we have some bad apples that make us all look bad.

What I am asking is that you do not troll anyone at MHR. I know some of you who have been banned or warned by the moderators at MHR do not feel you've done anything wrong and, hey, you could be right. But you also have to consider how you would feel if a Broncos fan came onto AP and made even small jokes about the Chiefs. It would piss us off.

Besides, their blog, their rules. We have to live by it.

So, either say something nice when you're on MHR or don't say anything at all. And some of you have or will be banned for reasons you think are unfair but that's a good life lesson -- sometimes things aren't fair and you get screwed. It just happens.

As I said, this applies to such a small percentage of the AP readers, so don't think you're being singled out. Thanks for your cooperation.

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