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NFL power rankings, Week 9: The Kansas City Chiefs remain top dog

Kansas City remains the only undefeated team in the league, but do all our guys believe the Chiefs are the best?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Another week in the books, and another win for the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Chiefs climbed to 8-0 this past Sunday with a 23-17 win over the Cleveland Browns, running their undefeated streak to the halfway point of the regular season. Still, there are plenty of folks around the country who believe the Chiefs are going to fold like a cheap suit in the rain when they face stiffer competition. We shall soon find out.

In the meantime, here are the power rankings from our guys after half the season:

Teams Matt Conner Matt Verderame MNChiefsFan Average
Kansas City Chiefs 2 1 1 1.3
New Orleans Saints 3 2 2 2.3
Denver Broncos 5 3 3 3.6
Indianapolis Colts 4 4 5 4.3
Seattle Seahawks 6 5 4 5.0
San Francisco 49ers 1 6 8 5.0
Green Bay Packers 8 7 6 7.0
Cincinnati Bengals 7 8 7 7.3
New England Patriots 9 9 9 9.0
Detroit Lions 10 10 10 10.0
Carolina Panthers 12 11 11 11.3
San Diego Chargers 13 12 13 12.6
Chicago Bears 11 13 15 13.0
Dallas Cowboys 15 14 12 13.6
Baltimore Ravens 14 15 16 15.0
Miami Dolphins 16 16 14 15.3
Tennessee Titans 19 17 17 17.6
Arizona Cardinals 17 18 22 19.0
Houston Texans 21 20 18 19.6
Cleveland Browns 22 19 21 20.6
Buffalo Bills 24 21 20 21.6
Atlanta Falcons 18 25 23 22.0
New York Jets 25 23 22 23.3
Oakland Raiders 27 24 19 23.3
Philadelphia Eagles 23 22 25 23.3
Washington Redskins 20 28 26 24.6
New York Giants 26 26 28 26.6
St. Louis Rams 28 27 29 28.0
Pittsburgh Steelers 29 29 27 28.3
Minnesota Vikings 30 30 30 30.0
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 31 31 31 31.0
Jacksonville Jaguars 32 32 32 32.0

Around the nation

SB Nation

4. The Chiefs roll on, unbeaten and untied, but not invulnerable. Forcing zero turnovers against Case Keenum and Jason Campbell meant two dogfights against teams that have gotten smoked by other contenders. Abandoning the run makes Andy Reid warm and satisfied inside in a way that Kansas City BBQ can't hope to match, and if he pulls that act against league's elite defenses then Rear Admiral Checkdown will be hard-pressed to get it done.

Cincy Jungle

1. The Browns gave them all they had, but it wasn't enough. This defense is allowing 98 points in 8 games. That’s really good.

Blogging The Boys

1: They are the first team to go from the worst record to 8-0 the next season. Can they beat the Broncos? We won't know until the two teams match up, but they sit atop the league for now.

Behind The Steel Curtain

1. Alex Smith the last time the Chiefs were this good (Seen here playing Oregon Trail and jamming to the Quad City DJs). Click link to understand.

Revenge Of The Birds

1. Still undefeated. What can be said about Alex Smith and company? They are winning week in and out.

Big Blue View

4. This Chiefs defense is nasty, but when they match up with the AFC elite, I worry that the offense won't be able to keep pace.

Bleeding Green Nation

1. Undefeated but not unbeatable. CLE kept it close.

Mile High Report

8. This team is barely beating the worst teams in football and I'm supposed to be scared? I'm supposed to rank them number 1? Pfft. The Chiefs are not scary in the least. They should be the one's who are afraid. I'll take 43 points per game over a strong defense. Why? Because all Peyton Manning has to do to beat the limited Chiefs is score three touchdowns. Yeah, I'll take 3 scores. After all, they put up 30 points a quarter more often than the Chiefs do in a freaking game.

Matt Verderame: Talk is cheap. See you Week 11.

CBS Sports (Pete Prisco)

1. Eight teams that opened the season 8-0 went on to win the Super Bowl. Can this be another? Doubt it.

CBS Sports (Pat Kirwan)

1. The Chiefs keep on winning, but some would say the backup quarterbacks they have faced in the last two weeks (Case Keenum and Jason Campbell) take away from their 8-0 record. A game next week against a Rams backup QB is a factor. The defense is good no matter who they play.

NBC Sports

1. Andy Reid could be taking this career rebirth thing a little too far. (Click link to understand)

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