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NFL power rankings, Week 9: KC Chiefs ride continues

Where should the Kansas City Chiefs rank in the Week 9 NFL power rankings? I believe we know the answer to that question.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Just 30 teams in the Super Bowl era have started out 8-0. That statistic should answer the question of where the Kansas City Chiefs should be ranked in this week's power rankings. You can make an argument the Denver Broncos or Indianapolis Colts may be the better team but over eight games the Chiefs are the very best at the only thing that matters -- winning.

This was last week:

And after another win, moving the Chiefs record to 8-0, there are only going to be more folks who rank the Chiefs No. 1. Those who don't rank them that high simply don't believe in who the Chiefs are as a team (which is fine).

Teams that are in the discussion for No. 1, or at least the top 2-3 are the Broncos, Colts, New Orleans Saints and Seattle Seahawks. Those are all terrific teams with something in common -- really good quarterbacks. No other team in the No. 1 discussion is winning the way the Chiefs are winning -- great defense and an opportune offense -- so it's clear that the Chiefs look different than those other teams. As the Chiefs are showing us this year, there's more than one way to win, and the Chiefs shouldn't apologize for the way they're winning. Results are the only thing that matters at this point.

We will be sharing other power rankings from around the web later today. But let us know in the poll below -- are they still No. 1?

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