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Andy Reid on trade deadline: John Dorsey 'deals with all of that'

The Chiefs head coach offered nothing substantive when asked about potential deals, which is to be expected.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Andy Reid said what he was supposed to say. That is, he didn't say much at all.

The Kansas City Chiefs head coach was asked about the upcoming NFL trade deadline today during his time with the media. Not surprisingly, Reid had nothing of substance to offer for fans hoping for some sign of potential deal. When asked whether or not the Chiefs would make any moves, Reid said he hadn't even connected with general manager John Dorsey to have that discussion.

"I haven't even gotten with John (Dorsey) on any of that," said Reid. "He deals with all of that. I'm dealing with all of the football stuff. Right now I don't see any, but I haven't had a chance to meet with him either."

Later Reid was asked how much the team's front office would take current chemistry into consideration given that the Chiefs have yet to lose a game.

"You look at everything," said Reid. "That's how John (Dorsey) goes through and evaluates them. That's what he does. I defer all of that to him. That's his expertise on that, but that's one of the categories he looks at."

In other words, Reid had very little to say about a topic he should say very little about. The Chiefs might not be the padlocked version of the franchise under Scott Pioli, but they're hardly a Browns-type model where trade rumors are leaked and prices are suggested by anonymous sources. If the Chiefs are checking in on any players or in the midst of trade talks, the press will only hear of it after such a deal is done.

While fans shouldn't expect any sort of deal at the deadline for the Chiefs, they should expect Andy Reid to talk about anything regarding such moves even less.

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