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Raiders defensive coordinator Jason Tarver flips off officials

The Oakland Raiders legacy lives on!

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Warning: Don't let your children read/watch this. Then again you shouldn't let them watch the Oakland Raiders anyway.

In case you missed Sunday's game featuring the Oakland Raiders and Pittsburgh Steelers, it included a number of highlights including Terrelle Pryor's amazing 93-yard run. But in the middle of the Raiders win came this beauty from Raiders defensive coordinator Jason Tarver:


via Deadspin

Apparently Tarver was very frustrated after cornerback Michael Jenkins was called for a personal foul on a hit against Le'Veon Bell. Tarver cursed at the officials and finally flipped them off -- twice. Mike Pereira, formerly the NFL's Vice President of Officiating, took exception to this and reported it to the league in case they didn't witness the incident themselves (even thought it was on broadcast television). Pereira then railed against it in his most recent column for FOX Sports:

If you want to call me a whistleblower, then call me a whistleblower because I let the league office know about it. This kind of behavior is totally unacceptable. I probably should check the mail for my thank you note this week from the charity Tarver's fine ends up supporting.

Luckily the Raiders are always a classy organization, win or lose.

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