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Do the Chiefs suffer from a lack of respect?

One NFL writer says the Chiefs are the "NFL's Rodney Dangerfield". Do you agree?

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The math should be simple, right? As the lone undefeated team in the National Football League, the Kansas City Chiefs should land at No. 1 overall in every power rankings column. They should also be squarely in the middle of any discussion of Super Bowl contenders. Given that every other team has failed against at least one opponent, the Chiefs record deserves such respect.

Yet clearly that's not the case. As Chiefs fans, we've all read columns from NFL writers who want to explain away some of KC's success for one reason or another. Some reasons are silly (strength of schedule) while others are understandable (historic turnaround). At least in the case of the latter, it's easy to see why it will take some time for the mainstream football fan to wake up to just how good the team is only months after picking first in the NFL Draft.

However, the media could really help in this endeavor and some analysts still aren't on board with the Chiefs performance so far. It's a case of "no respect" according to Will Brinson of CBS Sports. He writes:

At 7-0, the Chiefs are the NFL's Rodney Dangerfield. No respect, I tell you. They're undefeated, they've got one of -- if not the -- top defenses in the NFL, their offense doesn't make many mistakes and they're playing a replicable style of football.

While some critics point to the team's offensive performance at times, it's also true that every team in the NFL has some serious weaknesses. It's hard to see any one team in the NFL dominating in all facets of the game unlike other seasons. The Chiefs have the elements in play that Brinson brings up -- and it's carried them over and each and every opponent they've faced.

So what say you, Chiefs fans? Do you agree that the team lacks the respect they deserve? Or do you think it's understandable to have some doubts despite their record?

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