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Arrowheadlines: Kansas City Chiefs News 10/24

Good morning! Here is today's Kansas City Chiefs news from across the internet. Enjoy.

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Peter Aiken

Chiefs Will Face Another Backup Quarterback As Browns Switch To Campbell from KC Star

First, it was Tennessee's Ryan Fitzpatrick, who started for an injured Jake Locker in the Chiefs' 26-17 win Oct. 6 in Nashville.

Last week, Houston's Case Keenum made his NFL debut in place of injured Matt Schuab in the Chiefs' 17-16 win at Arrowhead.

And now, Campbell will try to breathe life into the Browns, 3-4, who have lost two straight since Brian Hoyer left the lineup because of a season-ending knee injury.

Smith, the first overall pick by San Francisco in 2005, knows what it's like to come off the bench after an extended period of time.

"It's different for every guy," Smith said. "Sometimes it can be a good thing. He's gotten a chance to sit there and watch other guys play. He's in his first year there in their system and got a chance to get comfortable.

Chiefs Focus Shifts To Browns As Practice Resumes from The Mothership

The news of a QB change by the Browns won't alter the Chiefs mentality for Week 8, according to Chiefs two-time Pro Bowl LB Derrick Johnson.

"We have to gear up like we do every week," Johnson said. "They're still going to have the same offense. [They're] just [going to] plug in another quarterback. You're going in every week respecting every opponent, but at the same time, they have the same offense. We don't really care who plays at quarterback, as long as we execute our defensive scheme and what we have going on."

Chiefs' Schwartz Looks Forward To Facing Brother And Making NFL History Sunday from KC Star

Geoff, 27, and Mitchell, 24, are the first Jewish siblings to play in the NFL since Ralph and Arnold Horween (also known as Horowitz) played for the Bears during 1921-23. But the Horween brothers were teammates, so the Schwartz brothers will be the first Jewish siblings to actually face each other in the NFL.

They've come a long way from when they were teenagers, when Geoff said they didn't start playing football until they were in high school. In fact, Geoff said Mitchell actually had to be convinced to play the sport.

Four Downs With Chiefs FB Anthony Sherman from The Mothership

What do players enjoy most about the Arrowhead crowd and the home-field advantage it provides?

"The fans; you feed off them so much that they don't realize it. They don't realize how much the players feed off of third-and-long or fourth-and-short situations or a goal line situation, where you just want that place to erupt."

A Common Trend In The Chiefs 7-0 Start from The Mothership

Flowers, who had a team-high six tackles on Sunday, as well as one sack, one tackle for loss and two QB hurries, spoke more to what seems to be the mantra of this team.

"I think it was a team win, because the defense started slow and the offense was putting up points," Flowers said. "We went into halftime ahead and we felt like we gave up too many big plays. When the offense needed us, we stepped up and vice versa; that's a sign of a great team. When we see each other on the limb, we tell each other that we need to step up. We don't just do the talking; we actually make it happen. That's it."

Andy Reid's Wednesday Presser Transcript from The Mothership

Q: Are you ready for another quarterback change with Jason Campbell stepping in?

REID: "Listen, Jason, I think, is a good football player. I have had a chance to have teams compete against him, and he knows what he's doing. He was pretty good in college, and he is good in the pros. We'll prepare for their scheme, and I think that's the important part of it. I don't think they're going to change a ton of what they do. I mean, that's not what you do in these situations."

Alex Smith: 'Browns Are A Great Challenge For Us' from The Mothership

Q: Do you feel like the offense is getting picked apart a little bit too much?

SMITH: "I think for us, the bottom line is to win games. With that, it's to continue to get better as the season goes on. You have got to continue to play better and better football as the stages get bigger. This last week, certainly areas to improve on, the red zone, but we put more yards up on that defense, the number one defense in the NFL, than any other team this season. So, there are also positives. You are certainly trying to correct your mistakes and improve on your weaknesses as a group, and like I said, get better as the weeks go on. But certainly, the focus, don't get me wrong, is to find a way to win every week. That's why we're out here."

Chiefs Q&A: Trade Targets, Captain's Patches And More from KC Star

Jake: Do you see the Chiefs bringing anyone in to improve the offense? WR, TE? Do you see any targets out there that make sense?

I think Giants receiver Hakeem Nicks and Browns receiver Josh Gordon each have the kind of talent that can take this offense to another level. But Nicks, who will be a free agent after the season, has some knee issues, and Gordon has some major off-field issues. How much do you really want to give up for either? And what's more, do you really want to mess with the locker room chemistry? This isn't Madden. You trade for one of those guys, Avery or Dexter McCluster essentially gets demoted. Given the team's 7-0 record, that could be a tough pill to swallow.

Celebrating The Love Of Football from The Mothership

Whatever the reason may be, holding an allegiance to a team, wearing their colors proudly, visiting their stadium and cheering them on is something special.

Kansas City Chiefs fans are some of the most spirited, dedicated and enthusiastic fans in the NFL, recently claiming the Guinness World Record for the Loudest Crowd Roar in an Outdoor Stadium. The Sea of Red floods Arrowhead Stadium every week, the smell of barbecue fills the parking lots and the Tomahawk Chop rings throughout the city. Video: Chiefs Brief: Week 8 Video: 1-On-1: Mitch Holthus With Justin Houston Video: Coaches Film: Alex Smith Sneaks In For Six

KC Star Video: Chiefs' Tamba Hali Discusses Reid, Winning Culture

MassLive Video: Are The Kansas City Chiefs The NFL's Best Team?

Charmed Life Of Chiefs Continues from ESPN

Now the Chiefs face Campbell, who hasn't started a game since last season, when he played for the Chicago Bears. This is Cleveland's third quarterback change of the relatively young season, but the first time they've tried Campbell, raising the question of how much confidence Chudzinski has in Campbell.

Next week, the Chiefs play against the Bills in Buffalo. Their regular starter, EJ Manuel, also won't play because of an injury.

Cleveland Browns Will Start Jason Campbell On Sunday Vs. Kansas City Chiefs from The Cleveland Plain Dealer

Campbell will face a relentless defense Sunday that's No. 1 in the NFL with 35 sacks, 10 more than the No. 2 team, Baltimore. The Chiefs also own the third-ranked pass defense.

"They are number one in third down, number one in the red zone and number one I think in points allowed so it is defiantly a challenge, each and every week is a challenge but Arrowhead is one of the loudest stadiums in the NFL,'' said Campbell. "That means even more we need to be on the same page with our play calls and make sure everyone is hearing it and getting lined up correctly because it is going to be hard to hear at times and when you go into a hostile environment like this you have to make sure we are together and keep our composure."

Red Zone Woes Will Inevitably Bite Chiefs from ESPN

The Chiefs have scored a touchdown on exactly half of their 26 trips in the red zone. That puts them in the middle of the pack -- well behind the leader (Denver, scoring TDs 79 percent of the time) and far ahead of the last-place team (Jacksonville, 28 percent).

But after starting the season 5-for-5, the Chiefs have cooled off considerably. They're 8-for-21 since, good for 38 percent. That would put them in 30th place ahead of only Pittsburgh and Jacksonville.

Kansas City Chiefs Coach Andy Reid On Cleveland Browns CEO Joe Banner: 'Just Watch How It Blossoms In The Future' from The Cleveland Plain Dealer

The two men helped make the Philadelphia Eagles a model franchise, producing eight division titles, five NFC championship-game appearances and a trip to the Super Bowl. Nowadays, Banner and Reid find themselves rebuilding different teams, ones that meet Sunday in Kansas City.

Banner is the Browns CEO. Reid is the coach of the undefeated Chiefs. Regardless of how their time might have ended in Philadelphia, Reid spoke highly of the former Eagles president during a Wednesday conference call with Browns reporters.

Chiefs Still Feeling Loss Of Tony Moeaki from ESPN

Moeaki wouldn't solve all of the Chiefs' passing problems. But he would have provided something they've lacked all season: a tight end who can get open and help in the mid-range passing game.

Chiefs And Browns Will Pit Schwartz Brother Against Schwartz Brother For The First Time from FS Kansas City

Geoff Schwartz was 13 or 14; little brother Mitchell was 10 or 11. The pair were cut like a couple of Kodiak brown bears, so when they hit the fan, they really -- ahem -- hit the fan. One scuffle got so intense that the restraints holding up the ceiling fan in the living room directly below them completely gave way.

"After that," says Geoff, now an offensive lineman with the resurgent Kansas City Chiefs, "there was no more playing in the house."

Chiefs Defense Takes Notice Of TE Cameron from Chiefs Spin

The Chiefs have already faced and held their own against tight ends Jason Witten and Brent Celek, among others.

But while the Chiefs limited Witten to three catches for 12 yards in Week Two and Celek to two catches for 18 yards in Week Three, Cameron, who stands 6-foot-5, 245 pounds, offers a unique challenge.

Injuries, Schedule Key To Charmed Start For Chiefs from The Associated Press via FS Kansas City

Chiefs coach Andy Reid stepped to the podium Wednesday and, as usual, was about to begin his news conference by delivering a quick run-through of the injury report.

Then he stopped himself. He looked at his notes. He shrugged.

"We don't really have any injuries," he said. "Everybody's going to practice today."

Of course. That's the way things are going for the charmed Chiefs this season.

QB Watch: Chiefs' Alex Smith from ESPN

The Cleveland Browns haven't been consistently yielding big numbers to opposing passers. Quarterbacks have been able to complete fewer than 60 percent of their passes against the Browns and that's below the league average. Cornerback Joe Haden is one of the league's best in coverage, so that could provide problems for a group of Chiefs wide receivers already struggling to get open on a consistent basis.

Tony Gonzalez To Chiefs? from ESPN

On the Falcons' side, they have already lost Julio Jones (foot fracture) for the season, and Roddy White has been injured. If Gonzalez were moved, Matt Ryan wouldn't have much to target. But the season is hanging by a thread anyway, so why not maneuver for a high draft choice? The best tight end available, Washington's Austin Seferian-Jenkins, is projected as a first-rounder and some mock drafts have him headed to ... the Chiefs.

The Falcons will be back next year, and either way, Gonzalez wouldn't have been there.

Cleveland Browns At Kansas City Chiefs: Who Will Win And By How Much? (Poll) from The Cleveland Plain Dealer

Last season, the Browns were able to get a 30-7 win over the Chiefs during Week 12, sparked by rookie Travis Benjamin's electrifying 93-yard punt return touchdown early in the second quarter.

Andy Reid's Success With Chiefs Stings In Philly from CSN Philadelphia

My discomfort with Reid's success in K.C. may have the ring of jealousy. Maybe. Do I wish Reid was back here in Philly? No. Do I wish he had finished the job here and brought a parade down Broad Street? Absolutely. He has said so himself.

The issue for me is that the same success Reid is enjoying in the Midwest could have been mirrored here in Philly, if only he had ceded control of shopping for the groceries sooner and simply focused on cooking the meal, to borrow an old Bill Parcells analogy.

Injury Luck Hasn't Been All It Seems from ESPN

They're fortunate, to be sure. But to say injury luck has been a factor in their 7-0 record is stretching things. They've had lengthy injury reports this season, and key players such as running back Jamaal Charles and free safety Kendrick Lewis have missed large chunks of practice time.

Undefeated Chiefs Are No Fluke from The Daily Sundial

Prior to the season starting, pundits had the Kansas City Chiefs as a sleeper team that would possibly go 10-6 on the season and sneak in the playoffs with a wildcard berth. And that was the best case scenario for the Chiefs coming off an atrocious 2-14 season.

With a new quarterback in Alex Smith, new head coach in Andy Reid and plenty of offseason acquisitions, the Chiefs were primed for the ever-dreaded "rebuilding" year. At 7-0, it's time for everyone to adjust their mindset from playoff hopeful to Super Bowl contender. And no, pigs aren't flying and hell hasn't frozen over. This is real.

Denver Broncos Loss Sends Them Falling In Power Ranking Polls from CBS Denver

With their first loss of the season, the Broncos fell to 6-1 while the Kansas City Chiefs won Sunday and improved to 7-0 as the final remaining unbeaten team. KC leads the AFC West, though many have questioned the Chiefs competition to this point.

Well, if you look closely, the level of competition for each team has been equal, and not great, either.

Donald Stephenson Returns To Blue Springs With Chiefs Teammate Jeff Allen To Try Plowboys Barbecue from The Pitch

Allen has shown up with bandages on some of his fingers and over his right wrist. His fingers may have been broken in the win over the Tennessee Titans. He insists he's fine.

"I woke up the next day, and it looked like I got stung by a bunch of bees," he says.

Johns greets the players and tells us that the best way to sample his food is with the "Royal Crown," a platter of ribs, burnt ends and pulled pork (with a couple of side orders). We order three.

Undefeated Chiefs Stand Alone, Prepare To Extend Streak Against Browns from FOX4KC

It's the eighth week of the regular season, and the Chiefs stand alone as the as the only unbeaten team in the NFL. Andy Reid says there are no injuries to report, and everyone is healthy and practicing as the Chiefs prepare for Sunday's home game against the Cleveland Browns.

As the wins stack up, the Chiefs are getting more and more national attention. But Reid said during his press briefing that the team is focused only on the Browns.

Week 8 NFL Picks: RG3 Poised For Upset Over Peyton Manning, While Giants Can Make It Two Straight from CBS Boston

The Browns were a great story ... right up until Brandon Weeden took over again. Cleveland has a below-average passing attack, and that's with numbers skewed by Brian Hoyer's good games earlier this year. Combine that with KC's third-best passing defense, and it's going to be a long day for the Browns in perhaps the second-toughest venue in the NFL after Seattle.

Former Gamecock Stanley Doughty Files Concussion Suit Against NCAA from WLTX

Then in 2007 Doughty opted to leave South Carolina in hopes of gaining a slot with an NFL team. He was signed shortly after with the Kansas City Chiefs, but their medical tests revealed he would not be medically cleared to play professional football.

The tests performed by the team revealed Doughty had an "acquired spinal injury," often the result of sudden, traumatic, helmet to helmet collisions.

Hits Keep Coming And QBs Keep Falling from USA Today

"You want to make sure you have two or three of those guys," Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid said. "I've had years like that where we've gone through a couple of them. ... Jeff Garcia used to (say) this - 'I'm not the second quarterback. It's 1A and 1B.' That's how it works."

Campbell Get Tough Draw In First Start from ESPN

Yes, that would be correct, No. 1 in points allowed.

Which of course leaves out the one stat the Chiefs are most known for: They lead the NFL with 35 sacks, 10 more than the second-best team.

And he left out that the Chiefs are first in the league in takeaways and third in net passing yards per game.

If it seems like Campbell drew a short straw to be named the Cleveland Browns starter this week ... well perhaps it's because he did.

After Scenery Change, Reid Has Players Responding from CSN Philadelphia

Frankly, I am surprised he has experienced success so quickly in K.C. However, I am not surprised to see Reid winning football games again. Most NFL observers were pretty confident that, in the right situation, Reid would excel after his firing. But not many expected his to be the best team in the NFL so quickly -- that is a shock. What is more shocking is that history is on the Chiefs' side.

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