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The Kansas City Chiefs need to see Arrowhead in January

Despite being undefeated, the Chiefs are in a dogfight for home-field advantage.

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The Kansas City Chiefs are really, really good.

As MNChiefsFan wrote about earlier today, the Chiefs are one of the best teams in the NFL, if not the best. At 7-0, Kansas City is the only team without a loss and looking to keep the train rolling with games against the Cleveland Browns and Buffalo Bills coming up before a bye week.

All of that is terrific, and it leads me to my main point. This team needs to get home-field advantage.

Sure, making the playoffs at 12-4 or 13-3 would be great, but it isn't going to be enough to win the AFC West this season. The Denver Broncos are not likely to lose more than three games, meaning the Chiefs have to finish 14-2, or better.

Even if the Chiefs manage to have the second-best record in the conference but finish behind Denver, it won't have a single home game barring a miracle run by the No. 6 seed. Can the Chiefs win a playoff game on the road? Maybe, but it is not likely they win three consecutively.

No game can be taken lightly the rest of the way

No game can be taken lightly the rest of the way. In my eyes, these next two games are absolute must-wins for the Chiefs. When you play an inferior Cleveland Browns team on home turf and then a very beatable Buffalo Bills squad who is starting a third-string quarterback, you need to win. 9-0 must be a reality if this team wants to be a top seed.

Kansas City is good enough to take this division. The big key is going to be splitting with the Broncos. Despite what most media folks will tell you, the Chiefs are very capable of doing it. Kansas City is built to take down Denver. Hell, the Broncos couldn't deal with one good pass rusher and an average secondary last week. Going against this defense? Good luck Peyton.

If the Chiefs can just win one of those games, they have a better than good chance of having the road to the Super Bowl run through Arrowhead Stadium. I don't believe any team in the AFC can beat them at home in that environment. This isn't 2010 with Matt Cassel and Todd Haley. This team has a wicked defense and the hungriest crowd in years. It will be brutal for any opponent.

My favorite eight days of the year are sitting down in my home, turning on the TV and watching Arrowhead come to life. A few more couldn't hurt.

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