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Arrowheadlines: Kansas City Chiefs News 10/23

Good morning! Here is today's Kansas City Chiefs news. Enjoy!

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Anthony Fasano Shows No Rust In His Return To Chiefs from KC Star

Fasano was happy to be back on the field after the injuries that plagued him for the last month. But he insists he was also glad to see McGrath establish himself as a legitimate target for the Chiefs, who are the NFL's last undefeated team at 7-0.

"I'm so happy that Sean and Kevin (Brock) were able to step in and do a great job and help our team win," said Fasano, who had played 108 of 112 career games before this season. "I was in a tough situation, not being able to play. But it helps that the team is winning."

Chiefs coach Andy Reid, while careful not to slight the contributions of McGrath and Brock, was also happy to have Fasano back in the mix. Reid loves his tight ends, and at his best, Fasano is another weapon.

Chiefs Equipment Manager: 500 Games from The Mothership

It all started in the summer of 1983, right after high school graduation at 19 years old. Allen Wright got a job working at the Chiefs Training Camp at William Jewell College. He and a friend were couriers, making deliveries throughout the month and enjoying the opportunity to be around the team.

At the end of training camp, Allen had plans to attend a university, but Chiefs General Manager, Jim Schaaf, offered Allen a job with the team.

"I was really hoping to go to school after training camp but when Jim offered me a job he said they had a program where I could go to school while working for the organization," Allen explained. "So I went to school and I bounced around with jobs here. I was a courier for awhile, then I worked in the scouting department and the ticket office. I worked wherever they needed me."

Chiefs History: ABC-TV Made The AFL Relevant from The Mothership

Television rules, when it comes to professional sports. Lamar Hunt knew that back in 1960, when he famously wrote of football: "The sport has everything. And it televises well."

Indeed it does, as the ratings continue to prove. With television viewership not what it was, still few turn away when the programming is the National Football League. Hunt wrote as early as 1959 of the importance of all league teams having a share of the revenue from whatever network contract he could acquire. Video: Highlights From Week 7 Video: Fisher: It's An Amazing Start To My Career

NFL Stock Watch: Chiefs Don't Get No Respect from CBS Sports

But why will Denver automatically dominate Big Red and Co?

If you saw what happened to the Broncos on Sunday night against the Colts you understand they're beatable if you can a) pressure Peyton Manning and b) play strong man coverage against their wide receivers.

That's what the Chiefs success this season is predicated on! Justin HoustonTamba Hali andDontari Poe are a force to be reckoned with up front. Brandon Flowers and Sean Smith are playing well on the back end and Eric Berry's an enforcer.

Kansas City can slow down the Denver attack.

Power Rankings: No.1 Kansas City Chiefs from ESPN

But have we seen enough of them to say definitively they are the league's best team?

They certainly have to be in the discussion, along with the Denver Broncos, Seattle Seahawks, New Orleans Saints and Indianapolis Colts. Much of the discussion is subjective, but this is fact: The Chiefs and Saints are the only teams from this group that haven't played any of those other top-ranked teams.

Reid's Experience Perfect For 7-0 from Chiefs Spin

Chiefs coach Andy Reid comes from around the corner to rush through the middle of the line, a large smile on his face, a twinkle in his eyes and a skip in his step as he raises his right index finger to pump the No. 1 sign.

The locker room erupts in resounding cheers and applause to Reid's arrival.

It's a perfect scene to match the team's 7-0 record.

Equipment Manager Celebrates 500th Game With Kansas City Chiefs from FOX4KC

That's right, 500! After the game, coach Andy Reid called out the man who has spent 30 years with the Chiefs in the Locker room. Reid joked that Wright started with the Chiefs when he was two years old.

"It was a complete shock, to be honest with you. I'm an equipment manager, I know where I fit in this organization, for someone like him to take the time to acknowledge that, it meant the world, it really did," said Wright.

Think about that for a second. 30 years, 500 games, with one team. Wright started as hired help for training camp in 1983, not long after, he was a part of the Chiefs' family full-time.

Twitter Tuesday: Talking Chiefs, Shuttlecocks, Mizzou from KC Star

I do think the Chiefs are well equipped to match up with the Broncos, especially with the emergence of Marcus Cooper. And winning the division is much more of a 50-50 proposition than I would've thought even a week or two ago.

But it's much more complicated than, "Hey, just do what Robert Mathis did."

Browns QB Brandon Weeden's Next Start, Expected To Be Sunday, May Be His Last from ESPN Cleveland

The Browns haven't won a game with Brandon Weeden at starting quarterback since Dec. 9.

Dec. 9.

The opponent was the Kansas City Chiefs and the Browns rolled, 30-7. But those Chiefs weren't exactly the same Chiefs the Browns will see Sunday in Kansas City.

This is how long ago Weeden's last victory was: The quarterback that day for the Chiefs was Brady Quinn. One of their running backs was Peyton Hillis. Their head coach was Romeo Crennel. Their general manager was Scott Pioli. Gone, gone, gone, gone.

Josh Gordon May Have Cost Browns A Run At Alex Smith from The Canton Repository

Suppose you were running the Cleveland Browns.

Would you have traded Josh Gordon for Alex Smith, the quarterback who has helped Kansas City to a 7-0 record?

In essence, that may be what the Browns did.

Chiefs Best In NFL For Now, But 1972 Dolphins Not Worried from The Chattanooga Times Free Press

The NFL, more than any other league, screams the basic and undeniable truth that a team is what its record says it is. Period. And by that measure, the Chiefs -- the league's last unbeaten team because of a dynamite defense littered with former SEC stars including Eric Berry and Justin Houston -- are the best. That said, here's saying the 1972 Dolphins -- the NFL's only team to complete the regular season and the playoffs unbeaten and a group that still celebrates when the last unbeaten each year falls, protecting their place in NFL lore -- already are icing the champaign.

Former Army Man Leading Chiefs' Defense from The Canton Repository

Undefeated Kansas City's daunting defense is full of Army detail.

The Browns will attempt to march against it Sunday.

The defense that has led the Chiefs to a 7-0 record ranks No. 1 in the NFL in points allowed, 11.6. That is a remarkable number in that 28 teams are allowing 18 points or more.

The unit is coordinated by a former Army head coach. Bob Sutton piloted Army for most of the 1990s. Including time as an assistant, Sutton was immersed in Army football for 17 years.

Chiefs And TeamSmile Offer Free Dental Care For Kids from KSHB

TeamSmile is the NFL's program to give dental care to kids who normally don't have access to it.  Kansas City's effort is spearheaded by Chiefs' punter Dustin Colquitt.

"Every kid that comes through here has a free ticket to come in and get x-rays, teeth pulled, crowns, " he said, "We can do everything on site."

NFL Power Rankings: Colts Are No. 1, But May Not Be There Long from CBS Sports

3. Kansas City Chiefs: KC is undefeated, and some would automatically put the Chiefs in the top spot, but I can't yet. Their defense is great but the offense leaves some things to be desired. Four wins have come without Alex Smith throwing a touchdown pass.

Tamba Hali Leaves Extra $1,000 Tip At Plaza Restaurant from KCTV5

A big man had a big meal and left a big tip that still has some employees at one Plaza area restaurant grinning ear to ear.

Hali and up to 15 friends and family went to Fogo de Chao about 8:30 p.m. Sunday. The restaurant was pretty empty because most fans had stayed home to watch the game or traveled to Arrowhead.

NFL Power Rankings: If Chiefs Are On Top, Are Any Teams Good? from CBS Sports

With only one unbeaten NFL team left -- the team that drafted first overall in last April's draft no less -- it's time again to ask the question we always seem to ask at this time of the year:

Is anybody any good?

Thanks to the Denver Broncos' 39-33 loss to theIndianapolis Colts on Sunday night, the last remaining unbeaten team is the Kansas City Chiefs, a team flawed on offense and without a signature victory through seven weeks.

So again I ask: Who is good in this league?

Every Top AFC Team Has Warts from The London Free Press

And while first-year Chiefs coach Andy Reid deserves all the credit that is tossed his way for leading Kansas City on this worst-to-first run, does anyone really think a team led by Alex Smith can run the table, including in the post-season?

Not likely.

Whining Patriots Coach Bill Belichick Says NY Jets Pushed Too from The NY Daily News

Rex Ryan joked on Monday that he's proud of the former coaches who are having success around the league, except for one.

"Well, I do love the fact that Bob (Sutton) is doing well (in Kansas City). I like the fact Vic Fangio in San Francisco is doing extremely well," Ryan said. "I don't like the fact (Mike) Pettine's got his guys playing better too because they're in our division."

But looking at the standings, it looks like Sutton, and not Pettine, is the one doing more damage to the Jets' playoff chances. Because of the success this season in Kansas City, where Sutton is the defensive coordinator, it appears almost a lock that both the Chiefs and Denver will make the playoffs, leaving just one wild-card spot for the rest of the AFC.

Big Red's Rise To Top Casts Blinding Glare from The Harlan Daily Enterprise

Looking at things like the raw stats, one sees that Cleveland produces more yards on offense and gives up fewer yards on defense than Kansas City. That should give one hope for an outcome we know is unlikely given all the other circumstances involved that don't show up on a stat sheet.

Other than wins and losses, the most important stats are those that measure a team's mistakes, and the Browns are far less able now to overcome theirs.

Broncos Mailbag: No Panic With Peyton Manning, But Plenty Of Problems from The Denver Post

It's amazing how people still refuse to believe the Chiefs can upend the Broncos for the division title. People are too focused on the difference between Peyton Manning and his receivers and Alex Smith and his pass catchers.

That's a substantial advantage for the Broncos, sure. But I'd take Jamaal Charles and the Chiefs' defense over what the Broncos are putting out there. And the punting Colquitt brothers are a wash.

What We're Not Overreacting To After Week 7 from

Denver's loss: What, you thought they were going to go undefeated? The defense has looked below average for a while, and there's no telling if cornerback Champ Bailey will ever be a difference-maker again. It also will be interesting to see how Denver's offensive line handles facing the Kansas City Chiefs twice in three weeks.

With all that said, the Broncos still look like the favorites for homefield advantage in the AFC.

Broncos And Giants Season-Opening Streaks Over But Chiefs Keep Winning from The Guardian

On Thursday my colleague Harry J Enten used statistics to build a compelling case that the Kansas City Chiefs' luck was about to run out after a 6-0 start. He is probably right. But for this one week, at least, the Chiefs can sit back and reflect with considerable satisfaction on the fact that they are now the last unbeaten team left in the entire league. And, for argument's sake, here are a few more stats to ponder: in the NFL's Super Bowl era, only 31 teams have started a season 7-0, and none of them failed to reach the playoffs. Fifteen of them reached the Super Bowl itself - and nine of them went on to win it.

The Chiefs Have Followed An Old-School Blueprint To A Perfect Start: Chris Fedor's Scouting Report from The Cleveland Plain Dealer

In KC, Smith has brought the kind of stability that Cassel was expected to deliver in 2009. Smith isn't every coach's cup of tea -- he doesn't have a great arm and isn't going to throw for 300 yards on a weekly basis. But he gives Kansas City a chance every week with his efficient play. He's become a caretaker (just four interceptions) for Reid's offense, a role that has suited his skills very well.

With the right head coach and the right quarterback, anything is possible in the NFL. The 2013 Chiefs are the league's last undefeated team and the 7-0 start is their best since 2003.

How Do Eagles Fans Feel About Andy Reid Now? from

This is the last thing that Philly fans wanted to see from this year's team or from Reid's new team.

There is no doubt in my mind that with every Chiefs win Eagles fans cringe.

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