In-game adjustments; End-game results

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After 7 weeks of watching the Kansas City Chiefs climb to 7-0 (Sounds good eh?) it seems we are slugging it out on a weekly basis. Gentleman, our suffocating defensive style of play lends itself to some tight games, and results in at least 1 dedicated Chiefs fan (This guy) extremely nervous at half time, standing on the front porch chain-smoking and drinking my Boulie Wheat thinking of how many yards Dez Bryant, Shady McCoy, or Victor Cruz hung on my beloved team in the first 30 minutes of ball.

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But then something magical happens my fellow Chiefs fans. Its something I don't even know how to BEGIN to describe. Something so special there are no words in the English language for it. But you probably refer to it as the 2nd know, that magnificent 30 minutes of a Chiefs game where every opponent's WR learns Marcus Cooper is sticky as their shadow, running backs blindly walk into the waiting arms of Dontari Poe behind the line of scrimmage, and quarterbacks do their best Manning-face as Houston and Hali pummel them into the ground.

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"Where was this other-worldly defensive play in the first half?" I ask. "Why didn't you do that in the first quarter Sutton?" I continue. "Seriously Bob, WTF?" It goes on.

But therein lies the beauty. That's the plan. When Bob Sultan of Defense trots his unit on the field for their first series of the game, he's telling the opponent, "Show me what you got." DC Bob Sutton sends the best defense in the NFL into battle with the US Military's mantra of returning fire only when fired upon. Doing so allows him to see where the shots are coming from. All too often in the 1st half I anticipate an all-out blitz only to see our best rusher, Justin Houston, drop into coverage or simply contain the QB. Too many times in the 1st half I see the Chiefs loaded secondary playing off-man or even zone (vomits in my mouth) coverage as I watch the opposing team's QB pick us apart.

"Why, why is Houston not rushing?"

"Who let Herm Edwards call a zone defense?"

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Those questions I can not answer. But Bob can. He's showing defensive fronts to the offense to see how their quarterbacks adjusts his protection, to see how receivers adjust their routes, and in general daring the offense to take their best shot. And often times, they do. But there is a method to his madness I say.

When Bob Sutton walks into the locker room at halftime, he knows how the game is going to end. His defense took all the blows the opponent had to offer, and just like Muhammad Ali, is ready to strike now that they've given their best shot. He knows where the holes in pass protection will be, he knows where the routes will go, and he knows where the quarterback wants to put the ball. But more important than anything Bob knows at half, he has allowed the opposing offensive coordinator to THINK he knows how Bob is calling the game. He has lulled the enemy to sleep and allowed them to think the Chiefs defense is soft.

When Bob Sutton sends his unit on the field for their first 3rd quarter series, things change. Suddenly the opponent is lifeless and grasping for air. Pressure is coming from every direction and suddenly is seems like there are fifteen defensive backs covering downfield. This is because Bob has an answer for everything he has seen through seven games, and after years of clueless coaching, this is one Chiefs fans who is happy we have a coach who is making the right halftime adjustments.

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Lets look at some key defensive stats by half. Every statistic significantly improves in the second half. This, my Chiefs family, is why our beloved team is 7-0. Second half domination.



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