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Phil Simms on Kansas City Chiefs defense: 'You've got greatness'

The attention on the league-leading Kansas City Chiefs defense continues to rise. CBS announcer Phil Simms piles on the praise after the Chiefs win over the Texans.

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Leading up to last Sunday's game between the KC Chiefs and Houston Texans, Phil Simms talked about the Chiefs on 610 Sports. He watched the Chiefs hang on to beat the Texans, 17-16, and had this to say on "NFL Monday QB" on CBS Sports Network the day after the game.

"I was out in Kansas City," said Simms, who called the game along with Jim Nantz. "I have to admit that my estimation on what I think of the Kansas City Chiefs has gone up when I saw them in person.

"And first I will start with the defense. The defense - they have pass rushers. They haveTamba Hali, Justin HoustonDontari Poe in the middle, and they have a very good blitzing middle linebacker in Derrick Johnson.

"So you take that talent, and you give them a unique scheme, which I think they have in the offensive and defensive coordinators, and you get greatness. That's what you have right now when you talk about Kansas City's defense. You've got greatness. And they have backups who are making plays....

That's what you have right now when you talk about KC's defense. You've got greatness.

"With Alex Smith, the offense is much more diverse than what I thought it was. They're giving him opportunities to make plays. I think this team will get better on the offensive side. They have a young offensive line that's going to grow and keep getting better every single week.

"Andy Reid absolutely is the coach of the offense. He is designing, putting in the plays... I am a little more impressed than I thought."

Greatness? Greatness.

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