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Jamaal Charles reacts to Brian Cushing's injury

A Jamaal Charles block resulted in a broken leg for Brian Cushing. Jamaal sent him a tweet after the game.

Jamie Squire

In Sunday's Texans-Chiefs game, KC Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles put a block on Texans LB Brian Cushing that ended up costing him his season. Cushing tore his LCL and broke his leg on the block from Charles. You could tell right away, the way his knee bent, that it was a bad injury.

That play created a little firestorm on Twitter from some Texans fans, who thought the block was dirty. Of course, it wasn't actually dirty. It was a pretty standard play and no one involved in the play is calling it dirty.

Following the game, there was this exchange:

There was also this in MMQB from Peter King:

As I spoke by phone to Houston defensive coordinator Wade Phillips about his late father, Bum Phillips, Sunday from Kansas City, we were interrupted. "I am sorry,'' Kansas City running back Jamaal Charles said to Phillips. "I wasn't trying to hurt him.'' Wade Phillips said he knew Charles was trying to make a clean play when he blocked linebacker Brian Cushing from the side and seemed to cave in his rehabbed reconstructed left knee.

And from Bill Barnwell:

The particular irony here is that the Texans, of course, are a zone-blocking team running a scheme that is famed for cut-blocking opposing defensive linemen. The cuts that the Texans make on their beloved outside zone stretch play free up the cutback lanes by taking out the pursuers from the backside, with little to no warning beforehand. There's no karma in play, and it's pretty stupid if you think that's the case or somehow justifies the injury to Cushing, but the Texans are about as aware of the effects and consequences of cut blocks as any team in football.

So no one but some Texans fans thought it was a dirty play. I can, however, empathize with Texans fans. I remember being pretty angry after Eric Berry tore his ACL on a block from Stevie Johnson away from the ball.

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