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The dominance of the Kansas City Chiefs defense in 3 stats

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NFL Network had a neat segment going inside the numbers of the Kansas City Chiefs defense. You can watch it here. I snagged a few of the neat stats and put them below.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports
The Chiefs defense is a LOT better than last year.
They're also a lot better than the average NFL team.


They will sack you on any down.

  • 67 points (!!!) off of turnovers. Cliche alert, but that's complementary football. The defense creating turnovers and the offense capitalizing on it. The good thing is that we think the offense can do a lot better so there's room to grow.
  • The Chiefs get twice as many sacks as the average NFL team. That's tough to beat.
  • Those third down sacks ... I love that stat.

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