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Kansas City Chiefs make two roster moves

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The KC Chiefs released LB Darin Drakeford from their practice squad and signed G Chandler Burden.


The practice squad shuffling continues. The Chiefs swapped out LB Darin Drakeford for G Chandler Burden, according to an announcement from the team.

Burden is an offensive guard who stands 6'4 and weighs 310 pounds. He entered the league as an undrafted free agent last year with the Tennessee Titans, who the Chiefs play this weekend. Hmm...

He didn't stay in Tennessee long -- released before the 2012 season -- at which point the Miami Dolphins signed him to their practice squad. He was released by Miami in training camp this year.

Burden went to Kentucky where he moved from the defensive line to the offensive line. He appeared in 43 games with 26 starts for the Kentucky Wildcats.

You'll see the Chiefs shuffle the practice squad throughout the season and it usually it means very little. But as we saw last week with G Rishaw Johnson getting promoted to the active roster, these players could end up playing a role on the Chiefs.

The player the Chiefs release, Darin Drakeford, is a linebacker who joined the team this offseason. He went to Maryland where he played in 32 games.

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