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NFL picks Week 7: Predicting Texans-Chiefs game and everyone else

The Chiefs play a team this week that is down, but certainly not out with a bevy of talent on its roster.

Kyle Rivas

It's already the start of Week 7, and that means another round of picks from your Arrowhead Pride staff. Of course, these are getting more fun to do by the game with the Kansas City Chiefs continuing to win at an astonishing pace.

This week, the Chiefs will face a Houston Texans team in a game that has been moved to the late afternoon by CBS because frankly, Kansas City is becoming a major story. The Chiefs were a dreadful 2-14 last year, and now look like one of the best teams in the league.

Certainly, the Texans will be a strong test this week regardless of who its quarterback is. With players like J.J. Watt, Andre Johnson, Arian Foster and Brian Cushing, this is not going to be easy. So, who wins? Let's see what the esteemed panel has to say, with all lines coming from

Houston Texans at Kansas City Chiefs (-7)

Kansas City, and in particular Alex Smith, has been playing some pretty brutal offensive football recently. I totally understand that this is a unit built on ball-control and not making mistakes, but 216 yards of offense is pathetic. Maybe it is the Chiefs fan in me, but I expect a better showing this week.

On the other side of the ball, this defense looks possessed right now. Houston is starting Case Keenum, who frankly this group should eat alive. If a healthy Matt Schaub is not playing, the Chiefs should win unless they give away free points on turnovers or special teams.

Pick: Kansas City 20, Houston 9

Joel Thorman: Chiefs 19, Texans 16

The Chiefs win a tough fought game thanks to a pair of turnovers from the Texans QB (whoever it is).

Matt Conner: Chiefs 13, Texans 10

The Chiefs defense will pull another one out, but I don't see the offense clicking against Watt and company.

Chris Thorman: Chiefs 34, Texans 24

I think this is one of those NFL games where the opposite of what people think is going to happen, happens.

KaloPhoenix: Chiefs 21, Texans 7

KC's D does it again and grabs two TD's for themselves.  Texans pretty much keep the clamps on the O.

NJ Chiefs Fan: Chiefs 27, Texans 7

The Chiefs keep winning by multiple scores despite how ugly their offense looks. The Texans are giving out points like it's candy at a parade.

MNChiefsFan: Chiefs 24, Texans 10

The Chiefs offense surprises everyone by not folding against a tough Texans defense.  The Texans QB's surprise no one by folding against our ridiculous pass rush and the wall of sound that is Arrowhead.  AP continues to rage with debate as to whether our offense is good enough to go to the playoffs and win games. Yay.

Now, back to Matt Verderame for the rest of the picks...

Seattle Seahawks (-6) at Arizona Cardinals

Seattle is a better team, but they always seem to be a bad road team. The Cardinals are masquerading as decent, but believe in themselves enough to think this is a big game. Plus, this game just smells of a big night for Patrick Peterson. It also smells of a pick I'll be regretting tomorrow.

Pick: Arizona 20, Seattle 16

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Atlanta Falcons (-8.5)

At the beginning of the year, this was probably a game people were looking forward to. Now? People are going to be flipping channels, see this and frantically start gouging their eyes out, while sounding like this. The Falcons are bad and the Buccaneers are a complete disaster.

Pick: Atlanta 24, Tampa Bay 13

St. Louis Rams at Carolina Panthers (-7.5)

Could there be a matchup of two more unpredictable teams? First of all, the battle of Ron Rivera vs. Brian Schottenheimer will single-handedly set offensive football back to 1927. Second, neither team can ever figure out if it is complete garbage or semi-decent. Take the better quarterback and run.

Pick: Carolina 24, St. Louis 19

Cincinnati Bengals at Detroit Lions (-2.5)

Cincinnati always seems to play to its competition. The Lions are somewhat frisky, so this should be a good contest. In a battle of good defensive lines and fairly matched talent across the board, I go by the old maxim of better home team and quarterback.

Pick: Detroit 20, Cincinnati 17

San Diego Chargers (-9) at Jacksonville Jaguars

This is the typical game that the Chargers will lose. The Jaguars are a complete trainwreck, which means its the perfect time for San Diego to tank harder than the half of the NBA in a good draft year. Everybody is going to pick the Chargers to roll after last week, except this man right here.

Pick: Jacksonville 26, San Diego 24 *PICK OF THE WEEK*

Buffalo Bills at Miami Dolphins (-9)

Miami can't block in front of Ryan Tannehill. This is going to be a major problem down the road, and even a little bit against Buffalo's formidable front, but not enough to kill the Dolphins this week. I don't even know who is starting at quarterback for the Bills, and luckily for Bills fans, neither do they.

Pick: Miami 24, Buffalo 14

New England Patriots (-4) at New York Jets

The Jets always manage to keep these games relatively close. New England does not have much of an offense but it should have enough to beat New York for the second time in six weeks. Plus, the Jets have to lose. We can't have this guy being happy. Ever.

Pick: New England 22, New York 16

Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles (-2.5)

This is an all-timer in the making. Neither one of these teams ever feels like playing well in all three phases of the game at once. Every game involving one of these squads ends up being a circus in some way. When both of them get together? Chaos and a whole bunch of points and turnovers.

Pick: Dallas 30, Philadelphia 27

Chicago Bears at Washington Redskins (EVEN)

Washington's season can be described only by this video. On the flip side, are the Bears really any good? Sure they are 4-2, but don't you get the feeling the bottom could fall out at any moment. In D.C., it's one of those last-stand type of deals for the 'Skins.

Pick: Washington 28, Chicago 24

San Francisco 49ers (-4) at Tennessee Titans

The Titans are a much better team than given credit for. Still, it's a real shame that owner Bud Adams was giving the Ryan Fitzpatrick the business after the last two weeks. Didn't see it? Here you go. Even sadder, Frank Wycheck is in the ring of fame there. San Francisco gets a ripe team this week.

Pick: San Francisco 24, Tennessee 13

Cleveland Browns at Green Bay Packers (-11.5)

Brandon Weeden vs. Aaron Rodgers. Good luck Cleveland. The only question here is how long does it take before Green Bay starts pulling back off the throttle. The Browns do have a good defense, but not good enough to deal with this offense. Look for Eddie Lacy to break out in a big way.

Pick: Green Bay 34, Cleveland 14

Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers (-1)

Very intriguing game between two teams that may not be good at all. Pittsburgh has an embarrassing offensive line, but the Steelers are going to play insanely hard this week. Baltimore can not move the ball, struggling to score against just about everybody. Toss-up city, take the home team and quarterback, again.

Pick: Pittsburgh 21, Baltimore 16

Denver Broncos (-7) at Indianapolis Colts

This is the game everybody wants to see. Peyton Manning against his old team. The undefeated Broncos against an Andrew Luck-led Colts team that appears to be very dangerous. In a shootout, I'm going for the upset because Indy is desperate after last week. Plus, I'm a Chiefs fan.But seriously, I believe in the Colts this weekend to rebound.

Pick: Indianapolis 38, Denver 35

Minnesota Vikings at New York Giants (-3.5)

This game does not deserve to be analyzed. Who the hell decided this should be a primetime game, even before we found out Eli Manning turned into Brodie Croyle this offseason? Incredibly though, the winless, 0-6, craptastic Giants are favored in this thing. Has an 0-6 ever been favored before? Minnesota is a complete joke.

Pick: New York 30, Minnesota 20

Last Week: 9-7

Season: 56-36

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