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NFL power rankings, Week 7: Chiefs and Broncos are the last 2 undefeated teams

It's 2013 NFL power rankings day. Last week we called the Kansas City Chiefs a top-five team. Entering Week 7 we call them a top-three team.

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Tuesday is power rankings day in the NFL and over the past few years I have cared very little for NFL power rankings, especially as the KC Chiefs continued to lose games. But now that they're 6-0, fresh off of Sunday's win over the Oakland Raiders, and one of just two undefeated teams (Denver Broncos), I very much look forward to these sets of power rankings.

So last week I declared the Chiefs a top-five team. According to last week's poll, this is what you all thought:


Now this week I am declaring the Chiefs a top-three team. The Broncos at No. 1 is fairly obvious to me. The Chiefs, as the only other 6-0 team in the NFL, should be ranked No. 2. That's where they'll be in my power rankings. It's hard to win that many games in a row in the NFL.

However, I can see arguments for the Seattle Seahawks being ranked up there, along with the Patriots and / or Saints. Those teams kinda jumble together talent-wise so I just assume throw the Chiefs ahead of them as a reward for their perfect record. But they're all right there.

Some teams point out that those are elite teams, elite offenses. I point out that the Chiefs defense is elite. Elite offenses have kept the Patriots and Saints relevant for years. An elite defense is currently doing the same for the Chiefs.

The Colts were a team that some had ranked near or above the Chiefs but they lost on Monday Night Football to the San Diego Chargers. And then next week the Colts will host the Broncos in Indy for what should be the game of the year to this point. The Broncos unbeaten streak will certainly be tested. That's on Sunday Night Football.

Last week on the SB Nation NFL power rankings the Chiefs were ranked No. 5, behind the Colts (4), Seahawks (3), Saints (2) and Broncos (1). With losses for the Colts and Saints, we know changes are coming.


Where should the Chiefs be in power rankings?

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