Don't worry about Alex Smith

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From the FanPosts. And from a 49ers fan. Thanks for stopping by! -Joel

Alex hasn't been playing well, not at all. He looked so bad yesterday that it gave me comfort; he's slumping and what we saw yesterday was as poor as he can play. If you were wondering what Alex's worst game looks like, welp, now you know. The upshot? Even his worst performance is still good enough to win.

He looked so bad I began to suspect an undisclosed injury to his throwing hand. Horribly inaccurate is how I would describe him. He hasn't looked that bad since 2009 (save one 3 interception regular season game vs NYG). But that game was during the only other "slump" he's experienced in recent years. It was the 2 or 3 games in between the historic BUF 300/300 game where he sprained his middle finger on the final play of the game and his rebound performance when it healed, when he completed 18 of 19 vs ARI.

So, what I'm trying to comfort you with is the idea that this is a mirage. I don't know what it is but he'll rebound, and if his story indicates anything, when he rebounds he will rebound in a tremendous way. Before he got concussed he was 35 of his last 38, 10YPA, and something like 6 TDs to 1 INT. He'll rebound. Consistency is his hallmark and he'll get it back. Don't worry about Alex.

Some side notes since I've been keeping an eye on my 2nd team this year:

- I'm having a great time interacting with your knowledgeable and passionate fanbase. Really appreciative of that, so thank you. The sum of the parts, the team, the talent, the coach, the scheme, when added to the great football fanbase and great stadium, Alex couldn't have landed in a better spot. It's wonderful for him and the Chiefs.

- Oh yeah, that stadium! Arrowhead is a beautiful stadium! I get jealous every time I see a photo. And can I say, the fact that you guys out did the Dirty Seachickens and broke their noise record.. I'm left just giggling about it.

- I don't want to compare teams, but if I were, you guys are a carbon copy of the 2011 49ers. From the defense to the great ST play, right down to the first year HC and all that too. Alex knows how to win on this team, you can trust him. He's done it before.

- Don't worry about the lack of media coverage. We experienced the same thing in 2011. Enjoy it! It's a one-of-a-kind magic carpet ride, to be on the bandwagon first just knowing that when people finally see your team for what it is they are going to love it. Enjoy all these weeks the Chiefs edge their way up the power rankings. Flipping through every sports coverage channel searching for any glimpse of red. Cuz one day, you'll be swimming in hype and it won't feel quite as magical.

- The Chiefs will beat the Denver Fiveheads at Mile High. Defense always wins.

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