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Kansas City Chiefs' Tamba Hali talks 5-0 with Fox Sports

The KC Chiefs linebacker joined Jay Glazer on Fox Sports 1 to talk about the Chiefs 5-0 start this season. Read on video and a transcript.

What is different this year besides the head coach?

Hali: The culture they've brought in. They've come in and coach Reid's been more of a players coach but really demanding on us, being productive when we get on the field. Bob Sutton our coordinator, his culture is basically everyone getting to the ball. Things have bee more laid back but demanding on what we need to get done. So that's been different.

When did you look at it and go, 'We might have something special here?'

Hali: Training camp. Our first two preseason games we lost. He's in the locker room and he's saying we're not panicking. We just have to make sure we get our work done. During that time we'd been losing and then we started losing and it's like, 'Oh, here we go again, coach was basically telling us to go back to work and straighten out the little things and make sure we come back and start winning.

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Which Chief is playing lights out but under the radar?

Hali: The big boy in the middle. Poe. 4.5 sacks right now, makes about 5 or 6 tackles a game. He takes on double teams. People are not really talking too much about him but he's very dominant.

Big guys aren't supposed to be able to move like that.

Hali: He can move, he can run. Very athletic.

Real quick. What is the short version of your life story?

Hali: Left Liberia in 1994. Came here and lived in New Jersey. Ended up playing football. Got about 65 scholarships and went to play for Joe Paterno at Penn State. Ended up being drafted by Lamar Hunt, I was his last first round draft pick. Been here since. Just striving to get a Super Bowl.

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