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Chiefs-Broncos games will NOT be flexed to primetime

The KC Chiefs and Denver Broncos games in Week 11 and 13 look very appetizing, which is why CBS has protected them and they will remain on CBS.


Per NFL rules, both CBS and Fox have the right to protect one game in five of the six flex weeks. For those hoping one of the two Kansas City Chiefs and Denver Broncos games will be flexed to Sunday Night Football, think again. That will NOT happen. This according to Adam Schefter.


Like everyone else, I wanted one of these games to be in primetime on Sunday Night Football. Unfortunately, thanks to CBS, that will not be happening. I can't really blame CBS though because they have the right to protect certain games and with as good as those games look right now they would've been fools not to protect them.

Why would CBS want these games?

Because it appears there will be serious playoff implications in those games. And it appears the Chiefs and Broncos are both going to be really, really good.

IF the Chiefs keep winning, and IF the Broncos keep winning, this is set for a matchup of historical standards. If the Chiefs and Broncos both win this weekend, it will be just the second time since 1933 that two teams in the same division have been 6-0. Think about that. 80 years!

I'll settle for a W though.

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