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NFL picks Week 6: Predicting Raiders-Chiefs game and everyone else

The Chiefs look to remain unbeaten against the Raiders. Does anybody on our panel go dark side on us and pick Oakland?

Scott Cunningham

Folks, I'm back again with the fellas for another round of picks. It is already Week 6, with the leafs falling off the trees outside and the autumn chill most certainly in the air.

Our Kansas City Chiefs come into the weekend still undefeated, sending a message to us, and the rest of the league, that something is changing inside Arrowhead Stadium. Now, the Oakland Raiders come to town, a team that has no fear of the vaunted venue.

The Raiders have not lost at Arrowhead since 2006. Does that change this time around? Let's hear from the crew.

Oakland Raiders at Kansas City Chiefs (-9.5)

Oakland has a dangerous playmaker in Terrelle Pryor, but not much else. Who is the weapon on the Raiders who really scares Bob Sutton and the defense? If the Chiefs can hold the Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles to 16 points each, it's hard to see Oakland going off.

Kansas City does not have a great offense, but it always finds a way to churn out enough points. No reason to pick against the Chiefs here in front of a raucous crowd.

Pick: Kansas City 24, Oakland 10

The rest of the AP staff...

MNChiefsFan: Chiefs 31, Raiders 10

Pryor faces a defense that is unlike anything he's ever seen in his short time as a starter.  The pressure will be too much, and he's going to make mistakes in front of an Arrowhead crowd that brings back memories of the mid-90's.  The Chiefs, having shown last week that they WILL, in fact, throw the deep ball, have more open routes underneath to take advantage of.  We finally, finally, finally see the Raiders lose in KC.

KaloPhoenix: Chiefs 24, Raiders 10

The Chiefs defense falls prey to another "schoolyard play" this week, but is on lockdown the rest of the game. The offense looks better and puts all 24 of the points on the board (no ST or Defensive TD's) and Arrowhead gets the noise record.

Joel Thorman: Chiefs 20, Raiders 9

The Chiefs defense is going to be too strong for Terrelle Pryor and the Raiders. They will complete a bomb or two putting them in field goal range but they will not get into the end zone.

Matt Conner: Chiefs 28, Raiders 10

Terrelle Pryor is silenced and the Chiefs offense finds its rhythm.

Chris Thorman: Chiefs 24, Raiders 16

Clay Wendler: Chiefs 24, Raiders 10

Now, back to Matt Verderame for the rest of the picks, who is also debuting "Pick of the Week"...

New York Giants at Chicago Bears (-7)

The Giants have the worst defense through five games since the 1954 Chicago Cardinals. Eli Manning is also throwing interceptions at a furious rate, apparently determined to set the single-season record of picks, sitting at 42 set by George Blanda. Chicago does nothing to impress me, but it can't lose this one at home.

Pick: Chicago 34, New York 24

Green Bay Packers (-2) at Baltimore Ravens

Green Bay has a tremendous offense and is coming off a crucial win last week. Playing on the road against a decent team in the NFL is never easy, but Baltimore's defense is not equipped to deal with Aaron Rodgers. The Ravens also have a scuffling Joe Flacco who is throwing too many interceptions.

Pick: Green Bay 27, Baltimore 23

Cincinnati Bengals (-8) at Buffalo Bills

I was more than ready to pick the Bills in the major upset here after seeing the Bengals struggle to score on a weekly basis. Then, I saw Thad Lewis is starting for Buffalo. Who the hell is Thad Lewis?

Pick: Cincinnati 16, Buffalo 9

Detroit Lions (-1) at Cleveland Browns

Cleveland is certainly better, but how can you pick Brandon Weeden in a game where fans have actual expectations? The Lions are not a top team by any metric, but Weeden will make enough dumb plays to cost the Browns the game.

Pick: Detroit 22, Cleveland 17

St. Louis Rams at Houston Texans (-8.5)

Matt Schaub has been doing his best Rex Grossman imitation in recent times, but the Rams are just brutal. St. Louis can not score, and more to the point can barely move the ball. Houston is mediocre, but the Rams are worse than this.

Pick: Houston 31, St. Louis 13

Carolina Panthers at Minnesota Vikings (-1)

Matt Cassel is starting for the Vikings. Ron Rivera is coaching for the Panthers. These two things alone make the game riveting. The game is in Minnesota, and we all saw what happened to Carolina on the road last week in Arizona.

Pick: Minnesota 20, Carolina 16

Pittsburgh Steelers at New York Jets (-2)

New York is one of the most surprising teams in the NFL this year, but the question begs how good are they? Tough to say, but it is a safe bet to say they are better than Pittsburgh. The Steelers can't block a high school team, and New York can get pressure on the quarterback.

Pick: New York 20, Pittsburgh 17

Philadelphia Eagles at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (EVEN)

Nick Foles against Mike Glennon. I typed that sentence, and then had this reaction. Tampa Bay is a dead team walking with Greg Schiano at the helm, so it is tough to see it winning at this point. Philadelphia somehow is tied for first place in that dumpster fire of a division, so it will fight hard smelling a win.

Pick: Philadelphia 24, Tampa Bay 21

Jacksonville Jaguars at Denver Broncos (-26.5)

Oh. My. God.

Bonus Feel Good Video!

Pick: Denver 42, Jacksonville 10

Tennessee Titans at Seattle Seahawks (-14.5)

This is a huge line considering Tennessee is a 3-2 team with a very solid defense. Then again, Seattle is a beyond dominant home team with an even better defense coming off a bitter defeat. The Titans could not ask for a tougher spot.

Pick: Seattle 24, Tennessee 6

New Orleans Saints at New England Patriots (-2.5)

This is the best game of the week. New Orleans has such a high-powered attack and should be able to put up points. On the other hand, New England almost never loses two straight games and really dominates at home. Still, the Patriots are not the same team they used to be.

Pick: New Orleans 27, New England 24

Arizona Cardinals at San Francisco 49ers (-11.5)

San Francisco is a very talented group, but secretly have some issues with an average Colin Kaepernick and a banged-up defense. The Cardinals are the definition of middling, so the game will probably be pretty close until Carson Palmer throws the obligatory a mind-boggling interception.

Pick: San Francisco 27, Arizona 17

Washington Redskins at Dallas Cowboys (-5.5)

Alright, I picked the Cowboys last week and almost came through on the right arm of Tony Romo. Then, he screwed all of us, throwing the most anticipated pick in NFL history. Now, Dallas has a home game it should easily win. You should know where I'm headed with this.

Pick: Washington 31, Dallas 20 *PICK OF THE WEEK*

Indianapolis Colts at San Diego Chargers (EVEN)

Everybody always gets all up in arms about the Chargers and how much potential they have. Then they played the Raiders and looked like a MAC team. San Diego is always unpredictable, but never good. The Colts are good, and cruising towards an AFC South title.

Pick: Indianapolis 31, San Diego 20

Last week: 9-5 (8-6 vs. spread)

Season: 47-29

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