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NFL power rankings, Week 6: KC Chiefs can't be stopped

Another week, another win for our Kansas City Chiefs. Where do they stand in the power rankings now?

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

Maybe a couple days late, but the power rankings continue on Arrowhead Pride! Blame me, I had to work my other job. Life can be difficult sometimes.

Now, onto the important stuff. Week 5 saw a host of great games with four craptastic teams on a bye week including Tampa Bay, Washington, Pittsburgh and Minnesota. With all the good teams playing each other, there was bound to be some movement in the rankings.

Without further talk, here they are:

Teams Joel Thorman Matt Conner Matt Verderame MNChiefsFan
Denver Broncos 1 2 1 1
New Orleans Saints 2 1 2 2
Seattle Seahawks 3 3 5 3
Kansas City Chiefs 4 4 3 4
New England Patriots 6 5 6 5
Indianapolis Colts 5 6 4 6
San Francisco 49ers 7 7 7 7
Houston Texans 16 15 15 8
Chicago Bears 11 10 10 9
Green Bay Packers 8 8 8 10
Detroit Lions 10 9 9 11
Miami Dolphins 15 11 13 12
Cincinnati Bengals 9 12 11 13
Atlanta Falcons 14 18 22 14
Baltimore Ravens 12 13 12 15
Dallas Cowboys 13 14 14 16
San Diego Chargers 19 17 20 17
Philadelphia Eagles 21 23 19 18
Tennessee Titans 17 16 16 19
Cleveland Browns 18 19 17 20
Buffalo Bills 22 21 25 21
Carolina Panthers 23 22 26 22
Minnesota Vikings 24 26 23 23
Washington Redskins 25 24 24 24
New York Jets 20 27 21 25
New York Giants 29 31 31 26
St. Louis Rams 26 25 28 27
Oakland Raiders 28 30 27 28
Arizona Cardinals 27 20 18 29
Pittsburgh Steelers 30 29 29 30
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 31 30 30 31
Jacksonville Jaguars 32 32 32 32

So, let's go over a few things that stand out:

  • The Chiefs are ranked no lower than 4th
  • Jacksonville continues to be the worst team
  • The Buccaneers and Giants each got two votes for No. 31
  • There is still not a clear-cut No. 1 team
  • The Cardinals are the biggest discrepancy with MN having them 29th and I having them 18th
More Week 6 power rankings:

SB Nation
5. Too high? I suspect some readers will think that, especially when you see the teams listed just below the Chiefs. But 5-0 is 5-0. Not bad after being 1-4 through their first five last season. Andy Reid's getting it done with his defense, a unit that boasts a league-best average of just 11.6 points allowed per game.

Behind the Steel Curtain
3. With Ryan Fitzpatrick's help, the Chiefs rolled on to 5-0, but can they beat a good team?

Mile High Report
3. Alex Smith and the Chiefs dodged a bullet with a tough road win in Nashville. I suspect the outcome would have been quite different had Jake Locker been in the game, but that's how the cookie crumbled in the NFL. Kansas City is rolling at 5-0 and certainly looked better on defense than the Broncos did today, but can their offense score 40 points? It's becoming apparent that an off day for the Broncos will be somewhere in the mid-30's, so...

Revenge of the Birds
4. Although playing at a middle-of-the-pack level, Alex Smith has been able to keep turnovers at an absolute minimum during the Chiefs' unbeaten start. Credit to their defense, which is emerging as a top unit in the league.

Cincy Jungle
2. This team is giving up 11.8 points a game. Alex Smith is feasting on the fact he doesn't have to put the team on his back.

Big Blue View
4. It wasn't pretty, but the Chiefs scored 13 fourth-quarter points to win at Tennessee.

Bleeding Green Nation
4. Just like everyone thought, Andy Reid's Chiefs are 5-0. KC's defense is great and the team has only surrendered a (tied for) league low 58 points. I still have my reservations about this team's ceiling, but for now they are a legitimately good team.

The Phinsider
3. I wonder if Andy Reid is a good coach?

Blogging The Boys
3. Chiefs coach Andy Reid is living the high life in Kansas City, far away from all the crazies in Philadelphia. The Chiefs' defense is for real, they have allowed the fewest points over five games, and even the offense is chugging along nicely, albeit aided by a +10 turnover ratio, the best in the league.

3. This offense can be effective running to set up play-action, as it was Sunday. After play-action fakes, Alex Smith finished 6-of-10 for 92 yards and a pair of touchdowns.

Yahoo! Shutdown Corner
7. I know, still too low. But I don't think they can beat teams like the Packers or a healthy Patriots squad until Alex Smith shows he can make some great plays, not just avoid the terrible ones.

CBS Sports (Pete Prisco)
3. They beat up on a bad Jacksonville team, but it was the way they did it that impressed. That defense was suffocating.

CBS Sports (Pat Kirwan)
5. You get what you pay for, and Clark Hunt paid for Andy Reid. It is impressive just how good the OLBs are at rushing the passer. Tamba Hali and Justin Houston will crack the 20-sack mark between them.

Fox Sports (Brian Billick)
4. Yes, the Chiefs looked impressive in Andy Reid's debut, but let's not forget it was against the Jaguars. They have a tougher game this week against Dallas that will be a more telling litmus test for this team.

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