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KC Chiefs' Alex Smith on pace for 3,800 yards, 28 TDs and 8 INTs

As usual there are varying opinions of the quarterback in Kansas City but you can't deny the 4-0 start. Now that the Chiefs have played four games let's project out what Alex Smith's numbers would look like over a 16-game season compared to his previous career highs. (H/T Soren Petro who mentioned these numbers today and gave me the idea.)

Jamie Squire
3,828 yards

Career high: 3,144 (2011)

This is a little higher than what Alex Smith has done before but it looks about right based on what we expected. Alex Smith is passing more times per game than he has in his career before. The more passes, the more yards.

28 TDs

Career high: 18 (2009)

These numbers look awfully similar to 2010 Matt Cassel, who threw for 27 touchdowns and 7 interceptions. 28 touchdowns would be a bonus for the Chiefs. I would not have predicted this many before the season.

8 INTs

Career low: 5 (2011)

While many of us looked at Alex's career-low 5-interception season in 2011, he only threw 445 times that year. He is on pace to attempt 100 more passes than that.

584 attempts

Career high: 445 (2011)

We were wondering before the season: Will Andy Reid adapt his system to fit Alex Smith? He has with routes and things like that but in terms of volume? Doesn't look like it.

352 completions

Career high: 273 (2011)

Again, throwing more passes so he has more completions.

60.3 completion percentage

Career high: 70.2 (2012)

I'd like to see this number a little higher. The 70 percent before he was injured in 2012 is insanely high so I'm not asking for that much. But let's cut the difference: 65 percent.

120 rushing attempts

Career high: 52 (2011)

I wouldn't expect this one to last.

604 yards

Career high: 179 (2011)

Nor this one.

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