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NFL power rankings, Week 5: Consensus building on Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs won again, which means good times and fuzzy feelings in the power rankings.

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It is Tuesday, which means power rankings from the guys here at Arrowhead Pride. I guess some other people do them to, but who cares, those don't count.

The Kansas City Chiefs continued to win on Sunday, defeating the woeful New York Giants 31-7 on their way to the first 4-0 start around here since 2003. Of course, that team ended up 13-3 and AFC West winners before...well, you know.

Hopefully this season ends differently, but for now we revel in the glory that is 4-0. Power rankings as follows:

Click the header of a column to sort it.

Teams Joel Thorman Matt Conner Matt Verderame Average
Arizona Cardinals 26 25 20 23.6
Atlanta Falcons 16 16 18 16.6
Baltimore Ravens 14 8 13 11.6
Buffalo Bills 19 19 21 19.6
Carolina Panthers 27 24 22 24.3
Chicago Bears 6 6 10 7.3
Cincinnati Bengals 15 9 12 12.0
Cleveland Browns 23 21 19 21.0
Dallas Cowboys 20 18 14 17.3
Denver Broncos 1 1 2 1.3
Detroit Lions 7 7 9 7.6
Green Bay Packers 12 11 7 10.0
Houston Texans 11 10 15 12.0
Indianapolis Colts 8 12 8 9.3
Jacksonville Jaguars 32 32 32 32.0
Kansas City Chiefs 5 4 5 4.6
Miami Dolphins 10 15 11 12.0
Minnesota Vikings 25 23 26 24.6
New England Patriots 4 5 4 4.3
New Orleans Saints 3 2 3 2.6
New York Giants 24 26 28 26.0
New York Jets 18 20 27 21.6
Oakland Raiders 31 30 30 30.3
Philadelphia Eagles 21 22 23 22.0
Pittsburgh Steelers 30 29 29 29.3
San Diego Chargers 13 17 17 15.6
San Francisco 49ers 9 14 6 9.6
Seattle Seahawks 2 3 1 2.0
St. Louis Rams 28 28 25 27.0
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 29 31 31 30.3
Tennessee Titans 17 13 16 15.3
Washington Redskins 22 27 24 24.3

A few quick hitters:
  • Jacksonville easily remains the worst team in football.
  • Denver is ranked as the best by two-thirds of our panel.
  • The Chiefs are now a consensus top-five team here.
  • Biggest discrepancy goes to the Jets, with Joel ranking them 18th and Matt V. putting them 27th.
  • The 49ers also caused a schism, with Matt V. ranking them 6th and Matt C. putting them 14th.
More power rankings from SB Nation's NFL blogs:

Blogging The Boys
5. Andy Reid and the Chiefs have been sticking it to the NFC East big time, with three of their four wins coming against NFC East teams. But what are those wins really worth? The NFC East is a combined 4-12, and the fourth Chiefs win was against the subterranean Jaguars. But the Chiefs didn't put together the schedule and can only play who they're supposed to play.

The Phinsider
4. I'm not sure if doubling your 2012 win total in Week 4 is an achievement or not, but this is a pretty good team.

Mile High Report
5. The Chiefs are looking more and more like a contender each week and the Broncos better be taking notes. So far, they are playing like a complete team. High scoring offense, low scoring defense and dynamic special teams. Sound familiar? It should, because the Broncos are relatively in the same realm. It's going to be tough going into Arrowhead in December this year, but good practice in the cold for Peyton's throwing hand.

Cincy Jungle
4. The Chiefs are just beating teams by 24 points, that is all. This defense is awesome.

Music City Miracles
5. Trying the Lou Holtz approach this week- build up your next opponent.

Big Blue View
5. With such a convincing win against the Giants, I'm finally becoming a believer in the Chiefs. This defense is for real. (LW: 10)

Behind the Steel Curtain
5. Look at the schedule. The Chiefs will go something like 12-4 or 13-3 and lose in the first round of the playoffs. Because they're the Chiefs.

Canal Street Chronicles
8. You Chiefs fans want me to buy into the team? Hey, they're playing well at the moment. And with the weakened AFC, they can easily make a run at a Wild Card spot. And when Goodell gets his way and makes the NFL Playoffs add two additional teams, you can root for the Chiefs to get in at 7-9 or 8-8.

Revenge of the Birds
5: Alex Smith and Andy Reid have the Chiefs sitting pretty at 4-0. We've heard time and again that Smith is only a game manager, but it seems to me that he and Reid have found a nice little niche in Kansas City.

Acme Packing Company

5 (no comment)

More rankings from around the web: (Pat Kirwan)
4. The season's biggest surprise. Andy Reid is working toward coach of the year. They do not beat themselves. (Pete Prisco)
5. At 4-0, they head to October on a high note that has been keyed by the defense. Is Andy Reid the Coach of the Quarter?

Shutdown Corner - Yahoo Sports
7. There will come a time when Alex Smith has to win a game for them, but that's a worry for another day. So far, all they've done is win.

5. This offense can be effective running to set up play-action, as it was Sunday. After play-action fakes, Alex Smith finished 6-of-10 for 92 yards and a pair of touchdowns.

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