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Arrowheadlines: Kansas City Chiefs News 1/9

Good morning! Here is today's Kansas City Chiefs news from across the internet. Enjoy!


A Closer Look At Potential GM Candidates from KC Star

The San Francisco-Green Bay NFC playoff game on Saturday night could have some added meaning in Kansas City.

Two of the leading candidates for the Chiefs general manager's job will be involved in that game. And whichever candidate's team loses could be available to talk with chairman Clark Hunt about the vacancy...

...A third candidate is former Cleveland general manager Tom Heckert, who was dismissed by new ownership earlier this season but spent nine seasons working with new Chiefs coach Andy Reid in Philadelphia, including 2006-09 as Eagles general manager...

...Here's a look at three candidates, though there certainly may be others:

Ready To Get To Work from Warpaint Illustrated

Now that the honeymoon phase is over and Reid has already rolled up his sleeves changing the culture in Kansas City, it's important as Chiefs fans to understand, that this 14 year veteran head coach comes to our team with a plan, direction and passion that we've not seen around these parts in a long time.

Sure one can question Reid's coaching ability and in coming to Kansas City he works under a new power structure, unlike anything else he's experienced in his coaching career. But one thing you can never question about this hire, Hunt and Reid are on the same page.

And that's something this organization hasn't done since Carl Peterson plucked Marty Schottenheimer away from the Cleveland Browns back in [1989].

'Safe Hire' from The Lee's Summit Journal

"I think it's a safe hire," said Patrick Lanning of Lee's Summit. "He's proven. I guess he's the right choice for the time being. I think the people will come."

Lanning was joined by a couple of friends and business associates Jan. 8 for lunch at the 810 Sports Zone in Lee's Summit and caught snippets of the Chiefs press conference at Arrowhead Stadium to introduce Reid. The crew was unmoved by Reid's assertion that he was "ready to go."

"I agree with Patrick, it's safe," said Donnie Funk, also of Lee's Summit. "I think he's the guy the fans wanted who was out there and who was available. I think that's the (owners') main deal, to get the fans happy again."

A lifelong fan of the Chiefs, Funk said the proof is in the pudding and that Reid has got to prove himself worthy of excitement with the team he and his soon-to-be-hired general manager puts on the field.

Mellinger's Twitter Tuesday from KC Star

@TheJeffReport will the Chiefs Zero Dark Thirty-like manhunt for a QB culminate with a draft pick, a FA signing, or both? #TT

My guess is they draft, though not necessarily with that first pick. The Michael Vick factor is also interesting, but I get the impression that Reid would like to create something new in Kansas City rather than just transfer what he had in Philly.

What I think is pretty simple: it doesn't matter to me how the Chiefs acquire their new starting quarterback. I don't care if it's the first pick, the fourth round, a free agent, trade, or some sort of experiment that isn't yet FDA approved.

But they gotta get that new starting quarterback.

That's non-negotiable.

Ambassador WR Kevin Lockett To Celebrate Red Zone Reading Challenge At Longfellow Elementary from The Mothership

In an effort to encourage regular reading and classroom attendance among Kansas City youth, the Chiefs partnered with Hy-Vee and Proctor and Gamble to support the RED Zone Reading Challenge in 2012. The program was open to all kindergarten through sixth grade students in the Kansas City, Mo., School District. Students were given points for each hour they spent reading as well as regular classroom attendance.

Longfellow Elementary was the winner of the six-week challenge. As a reward, Chiefs Ambassador Kevin Lockett will speak to the student body about the importance of reading and will congratulate the winning classroom with a special Chiefs gift presentation.

Andy Reid Reneges KC Job, Thought It Was K-State from CAP News

A shocked and bewildered Andy Reid took to the podium this morning to apologize to the legions of Kansas City Chiefs fans who heralded his arrival as their team's new coach, telling them he had reconsidered and decided not to take the job.

"I am so sorry for all the trouble I caused, but I really thought I was taking a position with Kansas State, not Kansas City," Reid told the throng of local reporters. "You guys had like two wins this year - I can't turn that around. Not even Marty Schottenheimer can turn that around."

Andy Reid Made A Fat Joke About Himself, So Everyone Else Can Stop Now from Deadspin

Every morning, the fine folks at Sports Radio Interviews sift through the a.m. drive-time chatter to bring you the best interviews with coaches, players, and personalities across the sports landscape. Today: The new Chiefs coach settles the cheesesteak vs. BBQ debate.

Andy Reid joined Soren Petro on WHB in Kansas City to discuss his new job in Kansas City, the interest he had elsewhere, leaving Philadelphia and the Chiefs' quarterback position.

Chiefs Lose Valuable Time With Geno Smith from ESPN

The Chiefs could conceivably draft Smith at No. 1 if they feel comfortable with him.

They'd probably rather see and spend time with Smith during the Senior Bowl week than missing out on that evaluation time. For teams scouting Smith, the combine in February and Smith's individual Pro Day will be paramount now that he is skipping the Senior Bowl.

Bears GM Phil Emery Assembles Lengthy List Of Head Coaching Candidates from Yahoo! Sports

The Chiefs were the first to hire a new head coach this offseason, reaching a five-year agreement with former Eagles head coach Andy Reid. The Chiefs parted ways with GM Scott Pioli before signing Reid and, contrary to popular belief, the new GM will have control over the team's personnel.

"The general manager has say over personnel, and the head coach has say over coaching the football team, but I want them to be able to work together," Chiefs CEO Clark Hunt said on Monday according to the Kansas City Star.

The top two candidates to replace Pioli have ties to Reid. Packers director of football operations John Dorsey and former Browns GM Tom Heckert, who spent a decade working with Reid in Philadelphia.

Blogger Blitz: Did Te'o Hurt His Draft Stock? from ESPN

Overall, I still think Te'o will be a top prospect. Yet, if a team is going to spend a top-3 pick on a player, a performance like Monday night could, at least, create some hesitation.

McGahee Gets Back To Practice from ESPN

In other AFC West news:

On the general-manager front, CBS Sports reports that Green Bay executive John Dorsey interviewed for the open job in Kansas City. This is no shock -- Dorsey has been considered the favorite to be Andy Reid's right-hand man.

Early AFC West Salary-Cap Check from ESPN

The Chiefs continue to be in good cap health. It is $16.1 million under the cap. It has free agents, receiver Dwayne Bowe, left tackle Branden Albert and punter Dustin Colquitt, to deal with. I think Albert and Colquitt are more likely to return to Kansas City at this point, but it has flexibility.

Monday Morning QB - Tuesday from Sports Illustrated

PIOLO DESERVES THE SCORN. Was Scott Pioli treated harshly in exiting? Perhaps, although that's partly why they get paid big-boy money. More importantly though, he built up exactly ZERO goodwill here in his time in KC. He played Patriot-type stonewall with the media. He said virtually nothing publicly during the last two horrible seasons. It appears he made few close associations at One Arrowhead Drive. So in a case like that, when the spit hits the fan, it's hardly unexpected to see what occurs. Sometimes, for better or worse, you reap what you sow. And in Pioli's case here in KC, he unfortunately didn't seem to sow much in the way of relationships or people to support him through tough times.

-- From Tim Goodheart, Kansas City

All good points. He should have been more transparent with such a trusted public treasure. And he failed to move the franchise ahead, which you would have expected with a guy who was considered the best GM prospect in football four years ago. As I said yesterday, you'll get no argument from me about the failure of the three big decisions he made as GM. What I'm talking about when I defended Pioli yesterday is the level of personal attacks and vitriol that filled my Twitter timeline were -- and I'm not exaggerating -- as if people were talking about a hardened criminal, not a general manager who failed to deliver the consistent winner the community was hoping for. That's what I don't get. Video: Addressing The Fans

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