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Andy Reid is already a popular popular Chief

The Chiefs started chasing Andy Reid a week ago and made it all official at a Monday press conference. The results of our first approval poll show Reid is already a popular man in Kansas City.

Matt Sullivan

The results of the very first Andy Reid approval poll are in. And it's looking awfully nice for Big Red. The KC Chiefs new head coach scored a 90 percent approva lin our poll earlier in the week.

Graph: 4 years of Scott Pioli approval ratings | Full Andy Reid presser

The full results:

Approve: 90%

Do not approve: 1%

Not sure: 8%

Almost 3,000 votes on that poll, which is a lot.

I mentioned this on the Chop Talk podcast last night, and it's obvious, but we have no idea how well Andy Reid will do in KC. Just because he's a big name doesn't mean he's going to work out. The unknown head coaching candidates can turn out to be just as good the big name guys.

Then again, Reid could still win a lot of games and be successful in Kansas City. I think he has a shot to do just that. Judging by the the first approval poll, many of you agree.

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