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Chiefs' Clark Hunt suggests Andy Reid doesn't have final say on personnel

When the Chiefs hired Andy Reid, it was believed that he would be coming in with full control over the team. He may have full control over the coaching side but as far as personnel is concerned those duties will go to the head GM, the Chiefs said on Monday.

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One of the biggest knocks regarding the Kansas City Chiefs hiring of Andy Reid was that Reid, according to numerous reports, would have full control of the personnel. It's extremely rare for a head coach to be successful pulling double duty as the head coach and GM.

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But both Reid and Chiefs owner Clark Hunt contradicted the reports that Reid would have full control over personnel.

At Monday's presser, Reid was asked who has final say on the personnel: "That would be the general manager, and really the general manager will pass that through Clark."

On NFL AM on Tuesday morning, Hunt said: "The general manager will have say over the personnel side and Andy, of course, on the coaching side."

So, one of the two.

Reid did say that he would sit in on GM interviews but that the final decision would come down to Hunt.

I would guess that, in order to attract the best possible GM candidate, you'd leave "final say" to the GM. While it appears the GM will have "final say" over the personnel, I wonder if that's the way it will actually work.

Hunt said there is no timetable on finding the next GM but that they would like to finish up as quickly as possible.

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