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What will Andy Reid's new coaching staff look like with the Kansas City Chiefs?

The Chiefs haven't yet formally announced the hiring of Andy Reid but it's coming. Reid is tasked with filling out a coaching staff and there are a number of suggested candidates.

Matt Sullivan

Andy Reid will be or has been hired by the Kansas City Chiefs ... even if the Kansas City Chiefs aren't saying that.


But Reid is already literally in the building. If this doesn't happen then it would be a train wreck of epic proportions.

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So, the Reid deal is about to get done and now we want to know who will be on his coaching staff. The usual rounds of candidates have been thrown out there -- mostly guys he's worked with before. Dot-connecting type of stuff.

It seems there's not one person on the Chiefs current coaching staff who should feel safe right now.

I don't have a good read on who actually is and isn't a candidate to be on Reid's new staff but here's the whirlwind of rumors and reports...

(Update: Couple more rumors on Brad Childress and Doug Pederson here.)

How about Pat Shurmur?

How about Shurmur AND Childress?

Or he could just hire them all.

Maybe not ALL of them.

Well, we all know it won't be Morty Mornhinweg.

Gimme another name. Monte Kiffin? Sure!

Mel Tucker is another new one.

If you can decipher this...

And this ... well this is just too funny now:

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