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Would Carl Peterson re-sign Dwayne Bowe and Branden Albert? Yes he would

Just a little bit of trolling here by Carl Peterson. He talked with Soren Petro on 810 WHB's The Program from the site of the Super Bowl and, as usual, had some interesting quotes. Check out a few of the quotes from King Carl that I snagged below.

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Should the Chiefs re-sign Branden Albert?

"You asking me? I drafted him No.1. I think he's a terrific left tackle. I think absolutely yes."

Should the Chiefs re-sign Dwayne Bowe?

"Without question."

Would Bowe already have a new deal if Carl Peterson were in charge?

"Without question.

Should the Chiefs re-sign Dustin Colquitt?

"Without question."

Bonus answer: "I would've had him signed last year."

A few more quotes of King Carl bein' King Carl:

"Our first 10 years with Marty, nine of those were winning seasons, seven playoffs and, I don't know, 3 or 4 division championships. We were drafting very late in each round and [a quarterback] just wasn't available."

"Another guy that people sometimes in Kansas City people go "ooh" was Steve Bono. People forget he took us to 13-3 and a division championship."

"[Rich Gannon] would tell you tomorrow that I saved his career."

"As much as some people thought Carl Peterson ran the whole show, I let my coaches coach."

"Everyone comes up and greets and says how are you Carl [when he returns to Kansas City]. When the Chiefs are struggling they'll say, "Can you come back and do something about this?""

"For you, I would do it. Candid, I probably wouldn't [do this interview] for your radio station itself."

Listen to the interview for the context of those.

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