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A few changes to Arrowhead Pride

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

Hi everyone,

This afternoon, the SB Nation product team released a few changes to your Arrowhead Pride viewing experience.

First, the background color of the FanPost and FanShot column on the home page was changed from red to grey. This makes those sections of the page feel less heavy. It's a change across all SB Nation sites actually.

Next, you'll notice that we have a slightly tweaked commenting system on Arrowhead Pride. A few of the changes include faster loading on the backend and exposing the Rec button on every comment, as opposed to having to click Actions and then Rec. There is also a fancy new star icon for Recs.

The product team also updated mobile commenting for touchscreen devices. To save loading time on mobile touchscreen devices, we added a "Load Now" button that will expose the comments. This should save loading time on bigger threads.

And, there is Z button functionality on touchscreen devices! After loading the comments on a post, hit the "Show Touch Bar" button at the top of the comment section and you'll be provided with the option to jump to the next unread comment or unmark all of the comments. This updated commenting system is only running on a few SB Nation sites at the moment. Once we're comfortable with how it works, we'll roll it out to all sites.

So test out the new comments on your desktop computer and your touchscreen and let us know what you think in this thread. I'll take all feedback directly to our product team.


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