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Chiefs' Eric Winston explains why Jamaal Charles is so great

Kansas City Chiefs OT Eric Winston joined SportsTalk 790 in Houston talking about his time with the Texans, the 2013 Super Bowl and more from Radio Row. Winston, a former Texan, was asked about the differences between Arian Foster, his former teammate in Houston, and Jamaal Charles. His response is great.

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"Jamaal Charles is a special guy. I feel like I've been so lucky to have Arian for a couple, three years and then blocking for Jamaal Charles.

"Different backs. Arian doesn't get credit I think for how big he really is. Arian is a big dude. He can get some extra yards after contact, he's shifty, he has a long stride. His vision helps him create a ton of things and he stays on his feet well.

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"Jamaal is a glider. The only guy I can compare Jamaal to is maybe Chris Johnson. They have that same kind of effortless stride. You watch Jamaal doing wind sprints and it looks like he's not even breathing, it looks like he's not even trying, and he's still just dusting everybody. It doesn't look like the ground is being touched, that's how effortless he runs it. He has good vision.

"The one thing that Jamaal does that really separates himself from other guys is he does a full speed long stick. He doesn't have to chop his feet to make a full speed cut. And I say full speed cut, he's making it full speed and he's doing it. He puts thats leg in the ground completely straight and goes in an opposite direction, full speed. There's just not a lot of guys that do it. It's very hard to tackle in the open field. I think that's why, combined with his elite speed, he breaks off so many long runs because it's so hard for a safety to tackle him in the open field. He's not chopping his feet at all. He's running right at the guy, putting his foot in the ground, making a cut and he's gone. That's the nice thing about Jamaal is you know when you get him in the open field, it's over. He's gone.

"The scary thing is, I think even Jamaal would tell you he wasn't 100 percent until the second half of the season. He wasn't feeling really good until the last half of the season."

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